Monday, 4 June 2018

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Limes

Lemons get so much love, it’s easy to forget that limes are healthy, too! Discover how limes can improve your health and fight off disease.
Limes are a good source of antioxidants and vitamins. They contain vitamins A, B, C, and D, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. You can use them to cook or squeeze them into drinking water, just like lemons.


1. Limes boost your immunity.

One lime provides 32 percent of the vitamin C you need in a day, and adequate vitamin C is crucial for boosting your immunity. According to research, getting enough vitamin C every day can help prevent diarrhea, malaria, pneumonia, and respiratory infections. 

2. Limes may aid weight loss.

Do you want to drop a few pounds? Drinking lime water every day may help. In this study, researchers concluded that the polyphenols in citrus fruits, such as lime, might help reduce abdominal fat, body weight, and waist circumference.
Of course, limes alone won’t help you shed pounds. You will still need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It can also help to add these small weight loss habitsto your daily routine.

3. Limes may help you look younger.

Did you know that vitamin C aids in the production of collagen? Vitamin C-rich limes will go a long way in keeping you young, since collagen keeps your skin young. The antioxidants in limes also help fight free radicals that accelerate aging.

4. Limes may improve your heart health.

Research shows that lime juice and peel can help reduce plaque buildup in artery walls, so embrace that lime juice and lime zest. Limes also contain potassium and magnesium, which are vital for a healthy heart.

5. Lime water may prevent dehydration.

Many people don’t drink enough water simply because plain water is boring. If that’s you, squeezing lime juice into drinking water can make your water taste amazing.

6. Limes may help treat asthma.

While not all studies agree vitamin C helps treat asthma, some show that adequate intake of vitamin C can help reduce asthma symptoms. Other studies suggest that vitamin C reduces respiratory infection.

7. Limes may help fight cancer.

The phytochemicals in lime can help fight cancer. According to research, some of the compounds found in limes can block the growth of colon cancer by 67 percent in just 72 hours. Researchers also speculate that the strong antioxidant properties of limes can help fight other types of cancer.

8. Limes may help fight diabetes.

Do you know why the American Diabetes Association recommends citrus to diabetics? They contain fiber, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes. Limes also give diabetics the much-needed potassium and vitamin C.

9. Limes may help prevent kidney stones.

Lime water contains citric acid which increases urine volume and urinary citrate. In one study, researchers found that drinking lemonade for four years helped reduce the formation of kidney stones in patients, from 1 stone per year to 0.13 per year.

Cautions to Consider

Limes may cause gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD) due to their acidity. Stop eating limes if you notice GERD symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and heartburn.
Limes can also cause dental problems, due to their high acid content. Drinking lime water with a (reusable) straw helps protect your teeth.

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