Tuesday, 19 June 2018

10 Blood Sugar-Balancing Snacks to Keep Hangry at Bay

The food we eat has a remarkable impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Our diet affects how we look, how we feel, whether we experience acne, bloating or any other number of symptoms—even our emotional state.
Good foods like spinach, blueberries or avocado are likely to give us renewed “awakeness” or a full, energized feeling, while something like white potatoes can actually bring about cravings later on! On the reverse, skipping meals or snacking on junk due to stress or a packed schedule is a surefire way to mess with your insulin levels, put unnecessary pressure on your liver and make your mood worse.
Feel like “hangry” is your middle name? Here’s what you need to kick your blood sugar mismanagement and get back on track when you sense your energy dipping:
  1. Eat three proper meals (nutrient-packed and full portions of veggies)
  2. Manage your stress levels and work on letting go
  3. Enjoy a blood sugar-balancing snack in between meals (see below!)


Coconut yogurt with fresh fruit

Coconut features healthy fats and proteins without the inflammatory side effects of dairy. Mix in a handful of nuts or sliced strawberries for a little extra ‘yum!’

A bowl of goji berries and almonds

What amounts to a superfood trail mix, goji berries and almonds are a wonderful pair. Want to beef up this snack? Toss in pumpkin seeds, oats and other nuts as well.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate (think 80% cacao or higher) can work wonders when it comes to satiating cravings and managing blood sugar. Look for fair trade options!

Sweet potato toast with cinnamon

Root vegetables like sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber, which promotes blood sugar balance — woohoo! Additionally, cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory.

A handful of dates with walnuts

Trail mixes like this one do a great job of filling you up quickly. Make your own at home to avoid unnecessary sugar and additives!.

Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas are packed with protein and fiber and the seasoning options are practically endless! Start with this basic roasted chickpeas recipe then go from there.

Tart cherries

Tart cherries are truly superfoods. They have a very low glycemic index compared to other stone fruits, and are actually a great source of melatonin — great for a nighttime snack!

Nut butter and jam on whole grain toast

Did you know that PB&J can actually be a healthy snack? Just look out for nut butters and fruit jams that are too heavy on the sugar.

Energy balls

These do exactly what they say they will do — give you energy! Most energy ball recipes include some mixture of healthy cereals, nuts, dates or dark chocolate.

Veggie chips with guacamole

Avocado is packed with good fats that will help safeguard your blood sugar stasis throughout the day. Can’t get it at lunch? Add it to your afternoon snack!

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