Monday, 17 July 2017

Couple on their honeymoon 'kidnapped and raped a woman before strolling into a convenience store naked to steal some soda'

A newlywed couple chose a depraved way to celebrate their nuptials.
During their honeymoon in Florida, Rashada Hurley, 32 and her husband Timothy Lowe, 37, kidnapped a woman from a supermarket parking lot and proceeded to rob and rape her, the Miami Herald reported.
The Georgia couple assaulted and snatched the woman as she was pulling out of her parking spot.
According to her account, the 27-year-old victim had her window lowered when the female assailant got out of her car and hit the victim with an object that knocked unconscious.
When she came to she found that Hurley was choking her while Lowe was driving the car, according to the Herald.
The thug couple drove her to a Motel 6 where they used the victim’s credit card to rent a room.
After they were in the room the couple forced perform sex acts with both of her kidnappers, the Herald reported.
She was able to escape when the couple was distracted.
The day after the rape, the couple went shopping at a convenience store while naked, poured themselves sodas and didn’t pay.
Police apprehended the couple and brought the victim in the identify them in a lineup.
They are currently being held on carjacking, kidnapping, robbery sexual battery and other charges.
They have been denied bail as they await trial.


  1. A product of their zionist environment. Chaos, depravity, child abuse, criminal activity of any and all kinds, destruction of the family, and war is their agenda.

  2. When I read the headline I knew they were spooks.