Tuesday, 6 June 2017

White high schooler’s scary tirade against Asian teacher caught on video: ‘Shut your f***in’ mouth!’

In the latest episode of students-doing-things-to-teachers-no-one-would-have-dreamed-of-a-few-years-ago, a white student was caught on video issuing a downright scary, expletive-filled tirade against an Asian teacher in a Southern California high school classroom.
The student’s face was obscured in the clip broadcasted by KCBS-TV, which said his identity wasn’t released because his age wasn’t confirmed.
The clip began with the student yelling at the teacher in the doorway of a classroom at Eastside High School in Lancaster, California, late last month.
“You do not come up to me … get in my goddamn face!” the student hollers just inches from the male teacher.
The teacher instructed the livid student to take a seat, but the student screamed at the teacher that he should sit down instead. Seconds later, the teacher does just that. But that doesn’t satisfy the student.
He yelled at the teacher, “Shut your f***in’ mouth!” as well as, “Who the f*** do you think you are?” The student also called the teacher a “bitch” and the N-word.
He also ordered the teacher to “shut the f*** up!” before apparently pulling an object off a faucet and a throwing it toward the teacher. He also dumped a trash can near the doorway before leaving the room.
It isn’t clear what happened before the start of the video, but Eastside High student Ashley Figgers said the student is “just so sweet” and has no idea what got into him.
“Like you would never think of him doing anything, and then to hear this, it’s like, ‘Him? No!’” Figgers told KCBS. She told the station that she wasn’t in the classroom at the time of the incident but that it’s “out of character” for this student.
“I don’t know what’s going on with him, if there’s like more to it, ’cause he did have a bad week at school,” she told KCBS. “That’s not the guy he is.”
A watch commander with the Lancaster Sheriff’s station who knows the student told KCBS he’s shocked by the incident and said the student in question is normally upstanding.

The last day of school at Eastside High School was June 1.

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  1. The Mass Media that is working for the Elite and World ORder ALWAYS
    calls islamics (they're loyal only to Mecca) or pakis (yes, a country). as Asians.

    Anyway, these foreigners are taking the jobs of the host people.
    It's good that the young man is speaking out, and is loyal to his own people.

    The Common People are becoming away, and speaking out.It's about time.

    The Pendulum is moving the otherway.