Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wendy's And Pure Water Got Into A Sign Fight And Their Town Can't Get Enough (9 Pics)

 Everyone loves a good rivalry. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Batman vs. Superman. A Wendy's in Lubbock, TX vs. a small independent tea house across the street. You might be unfamiliar with that last one. I'll explain.  
It started out innocently enough, with Wendy's talking about their fresh beef. Pure Water apparently took that as a threat. 
 From there, Wendy's began smack talking Pure Water's drinks while promoting their own. Despite seemingly starting this mess, Pure Water responded by asking Wendy's to step down. 
 Wendy's decided to hold their ground, both because it is a building, and because it has things to say. 
 And Pure Water was not going to let that insult slide. 
 It seems like this sign battle has since calmed down, but everyone knows that this is just a temporary cease fire. Especially since the residents of Lubbock, TX are clamoring for more. 

Let's all just pray this has a peaceful end. 

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  1. hahah, love it when brands clash with each other, it just means more for the general public. Competition is truly healthy. This is a great post, loved reading through it !!