Monday, 12 June 2017

The Best Oil to Help with Insomnia, Bladder and Kidney Infection, Acne and Much more

Juniper has a long history of being used in a variety of ways to help and heal people. During medieval times, people used juniper to protect themselves against witches. In France, about the same time, Juniper and rosemary were burned in hospitals to help patients fight infections. More recently the sweet and woody smell of Juniper makes it a common addition to home cleaning products, aromatherapy treatments and fragrances. However, with 87 different healing compounds, Juniper (especially juniper essential oil) should be a regular addition to your medicine cabinet.  
Juniper essential oil has properties such as: antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic, astringent, etc. This makes it an effective treatment for a variety for ailments such as throat and respiratory infections, sore muscles, arthritis, insomnia and skin sensitivities. Let’s look at a few examples:
Treat Infections: The berries of Juniper contain powerful antibacterial properties that make them ideal for treating disorders such as kidney and bladder infections. They are also used to treat urinary tract infections as well. When taken internally as a tonic, especially when combined with other antibacterial essential oils such as clove, oregano or dandelion, juniper essential oil can be a powerful alternative to conventional antibiotics.
Protect and Cure Damaged Skin: With natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, juniper essential oil (when combined with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil) can help fight skin irritations and acne. It can also help reduce spots and stretch marks. Try adding a few drops of Juniper essential oil to your body soap in order to reduce spots and acne on the body (especially the back).
Increase Digestion: Juniper essential oil can stimulate digestive enzymes that help breakdown foods and grease while increasing absorption of essential nutrients.
Relax and Sleep: The scent of juniper has a sweet woody smell.  It is also known for inducing relaxation and sleepiness. Try using Juniper essential oil either aromatically or by massaging a couple drops into the back of your neck, chest and torso to reduce restlessness and anxiety.
Repel Insects Naturally:   Commercial insect repellents contain a host of toxic chemicals.  Like citronella, the smell of juniper repels inspects. Try either mixing a few drops with a carrier oil and rubbing on your skin or defusing in your home to repel insects.
As you can see there are a variety of conditions Juniper essential oil can help naturally alive.  Be sure to take caution when using this essential oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Also, limit therapy to 3-4 weeks at a time, as elevated amounts of juniper can have adverse effects on the kidney and/or liver.

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