Friday, 23 June 2017

Teen Who Beat 16-Month-Old Daughter Into Coma: 'Told That Lil B**** To Get Abortion'

Sixteen-month-old Nylah Lewis was severely beaten into a coma by her father, 19-year-old Shaquan Taylor of Brooklyn, New York, on Father's day. Old, belligerent Facebook posts by the Brooklyn teenager said he ordered the mother of his child to have an abortion. 

As reported by New York Daily News, Nylah suffered "bleeding on the brain, multiple skull fractures and bruising on her face, legs and other parts of her body," according to authorities. The baby also required a blood transfusion while being treated at Maimonides Medical Center. Early Tuesday, a prosecutor said it was unlikely Nylah would make it another 24 hours. 

Facebook postings from the time baby Nylah was born give us a glimpse into the motive of the sickening attack: Taylor wanted his daughter killed in the womb. 
"[F]eel mad disrespected, told that lil b**** to get abortion & she tells me she is but still keep it," the teen wrote.
The disturbing post maligns the baby's mother, Tammy Lewis, and boasts that Taylor "just f***ed ha [sic] thotty ass thats [sic] it." 
"[I]f anybody else feel a way about what i [sic] just said you could suck my d**kkk to [sic] !!!!" he wrote. 

Taylor apparently sent a Facebook message to Lewis around the time of the incident on Father's Day, informing her "there was a problem and that she needed to pick up Nylah," according to police sources. NYDN reports what happened when Lewis arrived at the scene: 
When Tammy Lewis arrived, her daughter was face up on the couch and struggling to breathe, with obvious bruising on her face, sources said. The 17-year-old mom grabbed Nylah and left the apartment, but Taylor caught up to her in the lobby. He knocked her to the ground with one punch — as she was holding their child, sources said.
The father then grabbed his daughter and handed her to a friend, who passed the baby to an EMS crew that had been sent to the scene.
The young mom ran off, but Taylor chased her and continued bashing her outside his W. 32nd St. building, bruising her face, sources said. Then he hid in the bushes, according to police.
On Monday, police charged the teen with felony assault and endangering a child under age 17 for his crimes against his daughter; he was also charged for beating Lewis.
On Tuesday, the teen's 19th birthday, he remained behind bars on $250,000 bail. 
As noted by The Daily Mail, "Taylor was charged with sexual misconduct in 2015 because he was in a relationship with Lewis, who was only 14 at the time. A year later, he was arrested again for harassing her." 


  1. it takes a hillary-obama city to raise a savage animal

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  3. The ripened fruit of LBJ's (not so) Great Society.

  4. Jail for a man that beats a baby, is going to be uncomfortable at best.