Saturday, 17 June 2017

Spanish Party Town Publishes 64 Rules to Stop Hedonism of Drunk Tourists

A local council in Spain has become so fed up with the raucous behavior of drunk British tourists it has published a list of 64 things which are banned.
Authorities in the town of Magaluf, a holiday resort on the island of Majorca which is popular with the package holiday market, have published the list after years of outrageous antics left locals furious.
Oceans of cheap alcohol, scores of sleazy bars, and a plentiful supply of banned drugs have turned this once peaceful place into a haven for young people hell bent on hedonism. Urinating and vomiting in the streets, plus brawling and fighting, have become standard behavior in recent years.
In 2014 an 18-year-old British girl was filmed performing oral sex on 24 men in two minutes at Magaluf bar to win a $5 cocktail.
Under the new guidelines, banned activities include walking around topless, having sex in a public place and, bizarrely, climbing trees.
Fines of up to 3,000 euros will be levied on anyone caught in the act as local businesses say they want Magaluf to be more family friendly to improve its appalling image.
The rules were drawn up last October and will be imposed for the first time this summer. An increased police presence will help to enforce them.  Magaluf is visited by about 1 million Britons a year.
The 64 rules are:
1 Not arguing or fighting in public places
2 No abusive language
3 Respect others
4 Don’t damage street furniture
5 Co-operate with the police or officials
6 Respect tourist facilities
7 Don’t cause any interference to public events
8 Don’t give false information about your identity
9 Don’t carry any sort of prohibited weapon
10 Don’t disrespect police officers
11 No shining of laser beams
12 Respect any physical barriers put in place by the police
13 Event organizers to guarantee people’s safety
14 Bar and cafe owners have to ensure good order
15 They mustn’t serve anyone already drunk
16 And not to anyone under 18
17 Never serve drink or food to consume on the street
18 Stop customers going out in the street with glasses or bottles
19 Don’t damage litter bins, statues, parks, gardens and so on
20 Forbidden to rip off branches from trees
21 Mustn’t carve names or initials into the bark
22 Don’t climb trees
23 Don’t throw litter into the road
24 Mustn’t damage flowers in parks
25 Don’t cause discomfort to others with skateboards or balls
26 No defecating, urinating or spitting in public places
27 Don’t throw down chewing gum, cigarette butts, cans, papers, containers etc
28 Interfere with street lighting
29 Ban on any type of graffiti
30 No scratching surfaces
31 Public event organizers must ensure proper conduct of guests
32 Adhere to safety rules on the beaches
33 Don’t swim when red flag flying
34 Or bathe anywhere it is prohibited
35 Wash any sort of item or garment under the beach showers
36 Leave jars, buckets or containers under them
37 Drink directly from the showers
38 Absolutely forbidden to have sexual relations in a public place or anywhere visible from public places
39 No begging
40 No collecting money for sand castles unless structures are approved by council
41 Any activity which might cause obstruction on public highway or interfere with other people’s mobility
42 No begging in the street
43 No authorized services in the public space, such as tarot, clairvoyance, massages or tattoos.
44 No tipping off anyone about the presence of the police
45 Comply with noise limits ie with music on the beach
46 Don’t drink alcoholic beverages in public spaces when it may cause discomfort to people who use the public space and in living locally (unless at a previously authorized event).
47 Don’t drink alcohol if it is going to harm the peacefulness of an area or lead to drunkenness.
48 Or if drinking alcohol is done in a demeaning way which would upset other people
49 Or if there are children around.
50 Behave at organised events or it is the duty of the organizer to call the police.
51 Put drink containers into bins
52 Don’t throw down bottles or cans etc on the street
53 Bottle parties in the street in public places are banned
54 Respect the right of people to rest, especially between 8pm and 8am
55 No taking away drinks, whatever containers they are in, to have in the street. Owners should have warning signs in various languages, including English
56 Commercial establishments can’t sell alcohol between midnight and 8am
57 Illegal to take drugs or other substances in public places
58 Forbidden to go naked or semi-naked in the street
59 Must wear tops ie no bare chests in public places away from the beach
60 Forbidden to use any glass vessel or glass in the sand and adjacent areas
61 Can’t use soap or gel under the public showers
62 No balconing (jumping from a balcony into a swimming pool)
63 Don’t coerce others to do balconing
64 No gambling in the street

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