Saturday, 24 June 2017

'I love teaching, I love sex': Christian kindergarten teacher, 21, who starred in $2,500-a-time PORN films is fired after refusing to give up her raunchy night job

A Christian kindergarten school teacher was fired for refusing to give up her side job as a $2,500-a-time porn star.

Nina Skye, 21, declared 'I love teaching, I love sex' before a showdown with shocked bosses who confronted her over appearances in films with titles including Amateur Allure and Swallow Salon.

The auburn-haired beauty, who romps with men and women in the videos, said she was a 'really good teacher' and did not see why her hobby should bar her from the classroom.
But senior teachers at the unidentified pre-school thought differently, and said her profession went against the religious values they espoused.

Having sex was her dream job, Ms Skye said, and she was very reluctant to leave the industry. 

She told Fox: 'It goes against their views of fornication, like sex before marriage and that's what I'm doing. 

'They say it goes against the paper I signed, saying I wouldn't do that.

'They were really trying to pull me away from staying in the industry. They just really wanted me out. They offered help and advice, but I don't really want out.'

Ms Skye said she liked having an open-minded outlook, adding: 'I love teaching and sex. If I can get away with doing both, then I will.

'It's easy money. For my very first scene, I just did a regular boy on girl and I got paid $2,500 on the spot.

'I never had that much money, ever, just handed to me in my life. 
'There's a really big stigma associated with it, and how our society views it.

'But that's not how I am.  I'm really open-minded. Super open-minded and not judgmental.' 


  1. well honey, if you had quit your night job they would have fired you from your day job anyway.

  2. These same morons that claim religious values allow children to watch scenes on the news of murder, slaughter of people, bombings and just about every evil doing of man against man- but you can't watch sex, that's bad!!! Damn, sick people we have running the world!! But they like pedophilia, a little ping pong pizza and some spirit cooking on the side - but you can't watch sex on TV!

  3. The way one is, can't help coming out in words and deeds.
    ANd the scum's insolent face/smile, shows it all.

    What an example for little children!

    In todays' world some Evil Force is out to destroy decent, moral people!


  4. Sharia Law will put an end to this infidel's ideology.

  5. Begs the question... How did those Senior Teachers, if they are so uptight Christians, find out?? §:c)

  6. This is fake news. Not even one of today's SJW's on crack could believe that teaching kindergarteners and being a porn star is compatible. Whether or not this was a private Christian school or a public school, every teacher in America act in loco parentus and has a moral turpitude clause in their contract.

  7. Pick up a John on the street and go to jail.
    Make a porn film, get paid 10 times as much and no jail.

  8. Al Goldstein of Screw inc porn edit empire gave good insight as to why so many Jews are in and run porn

  9. I guess she is saying she is no Christian as far as the biblical definition of Christian is..

  10. Ms Skye is a good person. She is happy and honest. Sex is normal. Enjoying sex is what God provided. Children have much to learn from happy, honest people. I maintain that it is best Ms Skye continues to teach because those children will have happy caring lives. God Bless Ms Skye.