Saturday, 3 June 2017

EMBARRASSING: Huffington Post Loses Its Mind With Headline Over Trump Paris Accord Pullout

 he Left lost its mind following President Trump's press conference yesterday announcing the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Accord. As Daily Wire's Aaron Bandler wrote yesterday, organizations like the ACLU and leftist hacks like Deray McKesson responded to the announcement in their usual melodramatic manner.
However, nothing trumps how The Huffington Post responded to the withdrawal:
Of course, Trump did not rule out that the United States would not do anything to combat climate change. However, the hyperbolists at The Huffington Post fail to recognize that the Paris Accord does not represent the best strategy for combating the issue. As The Daily Wire points out, the Accord includes the following:
  1. The U.S. would have need to reduce its carbon emissions to 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025. 
  2. It would require the countries involved to raise their carbon emission-cutting goals every five years. 
  3. It is non-binding legally, but activist courts may have used it as a legal weapon.
  4. It doesn't hold China and India to a high standard.
  5. The U.S. would have provided $100 billion a year to impoverished nations starting in 2020.
  6. Its impact on the climate would have been minimal. 
  7. Its impact on the economy, on the other hand, would have been detrimental. 
None of that would have helped combat climate change or help the United States economy. But inconvenient facts are irrelevant to what The Huffington Post seeks to do, which is to stoke the flames against Trump and conservatives and to virtue signal to its left-wing audience.


  1. We have a problem houston, the "science" behind anthropogenic global warming is bogus and mostly fabricated, even this article states the words "global warming" without addressing this huge basic flaw. Try reading something about ice cores.

  2. "Established SCIENCE" says Global Warming .... Opps, I mean Climate Change (gotta remember those updates), is real.
    "Established SCIENCE" also says the sun travels around the Earth.
    "Established SCIENCE" also says leeches and bleeding will cure you.
    "Established SCIENCE" also says mercury will cure syphilis
    "Established SCIENCE" also says Whites are SUPERIOR.
    Global Warming Climate Change is a SCAM:
    #1 to employ unfit "scientists" perpetuating it.
    #2 To make BIG MONEY from the "carbon trade" which is just insiders shuffling paper & TAKING money from you ..... running up the cost of everything YOU need to live.
    Notice BP is one company "protecting the earth" ...... after killing half the life in the Gulf. Care to pick apart the rest of the Earth Mother Loving corporations? How many $TRILLION$ do they anticipate from "carbon trading" And pray-tell why are all the "Mother Earth Lovers' suddenly siding with the Mother Earth RAPERS.

  3. The HuffandPuff Post is reliable in the sense that they always post the stupidest content on the internet. It appeals to poorly educated Americans, who are dumbed-down by the Obama-Soros "core cirriculum".

    May I recommend - it keeps me up to date on what the climate is really doing. The upcoming Solar Hibernation of Solar Cycle 25, and many other factors beyond human control, will lead to epic global cooling for 30-40 years.
    Enjoy The Holocene while it lasts. Interglacials never last forever.
    Peace from Canada.

  4. Can anyone on the huffington post tell me when the climate wasnt changing.