Friday, 23 June 2017

Dem official caught in expletive-filled rant yells he wished Scalise had died, ‘glad he was shot’

More evidence has emerged that proves the Democrats are the party of violence.
In an audio recording released on Thursday, a Nebraska Democrat official was caught saying he was happy Rep. Steve Scalise was shot as he practiced for a charity baseball game, Fox 42 reported.
“His whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to f***ing kick people off f***ing health care. I hate this m*****f***er, I’m glad he got shot,” Phil Montag, a technology chairman for Nebraska’s Democrat Party, said in the recording.
“I’m glad he got shot, I’m not going to f**king say that in public,” he said.
Another unidentified man asked, “well, then what are you saying it to us for?”
“I wish he was f***ing dead,” Montag continued.
“It’s ok, because I’ve been recording this conversation since you’ve come in, so I will publicly release it myself,” the unidentified man said.
Jane Kleeb, the state’s Democrat Party chairwoman, confirmed that it was Montag on the recording.
He has been fired since the recording was released to the public.
“[we] obviously condemn any kind of violence, whether it’s comments on Facebook or comments in a meeting,” Kleeb told Fox 42.
“Our country is better than the political rhetoric that is out there from both the far right and the far left,” she said.
The comments come after a Democrat Party strategist James Devine called on others to “hunt Republican congressman” after the shooting.
And after a Huffington Post writer called for a violent resistance to be more organized.
On Thursday, actor Johnny Depp said it was time for an actor to assassinate President Donald Trump.


  1. The DemoHATE party. The "hate HATERS" are the real HATERS
    They are the bullies ---- LOOK at antifa. Unemployable mutants, fat, scrawny, ugly, stupid, seething with hate for the kids that were athletic, scholarly, healthy. Social outcasts for being creeps., these losers dye their hair green, tattoos, piercings everywhere, wear mismatched trashy clothes, to try to attain an "identity" that they will never achieve. Their outward sideshow appearance is an attempt to distract from the ugly rotting soul within. Soulmates of school shooters and child molesters. They are the poster children of HATE.
    ..The demoHATE/LEFT make a big thing of "standing up to bullies" and "accepting people no matter what" screaming "End the HATE" at their "rallies". They rail against attacking people over their appearance ------- as they wave their little Precious-Pony-Rainbow flags that are SUPPOSEDLY proving their acceptance of ALL opinions, but in FACT are statements that ONLY THEIR opinions are valid.
    They scream "tolerance" but they are INtolerant.
    They scream "HATERS" but look at their twisted faces and spittle dripping mouths.
    They scream "democracy" but they refuse to accept the will of the MAJORITY.
    They have ZERO concern for the RIGHTS and FEELINGS of their Fellow Citizens, So I see ZERO reason to give a Flying FIG about theirs.

  2. Too bad more didn't get shot.