Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Ann Coulter under fire for blasting NYPD as ‘little girls’ after Paris terror attack (TWEETS)

Ann Coulter was caught in a firestorm on Twitter after she branded New York Police Department officers “little girls” in comparison to the Parisian officers that took down a man during an attempted attack at Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday.
“Paris police very macho, unlike the little girls on NYPD: Only 2 shots fired, one hit the Muslim in the thorax,” Coulter tweeted.
She added in a second tweet, “We’re hectored to be like the French on adultery & global warming. Why can’t we be like the French on hiring large, strong men as cops?”
Early Tuesday morning, Paris authorities placed Notre Dame Cathedral on lockdown following reports that a man attempted to attack a French policeman with a hammer.
CNN later reported that the assailant said, “This is for Syria!” as he attacked. The man is believed to be an Algerian student and reportedly attacked the policeman with the hammer, but was also armed with knives.
Both the officer and the alleged attacker were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.
Coulter, however, faced immense backlash after sending her tweets, many of them defending the NYPD.
See the harshest critics’ comments below.

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