Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Teacher busted with meth, heroin at school accused of stealing from students to feed habit

Oklahoma’s Board of Education issued an emergency order this week to suspend the license of an elementary school teacher who was allegedly busted at school with a purse full of drugs and admitted to stealing from students to feed her habit.

The board approved the Emergency Suspension Request Thursday for 27-year-old Holmes Park Elementary School teacher Megan Sloan, who was arrested May 1 after police allege she was bused with the drugs in class.
According to KTUL:
Sloan … left her Facebook account open on a co-worker’s computer, which reportedly showed a conversation in which she talked about using and selling heroin and pawning school property. When she was arrested, police found multiple syringes, heroin and methamphetamine in her purse, according to documents.
Police allege Sloan told officers she had two “Xanax footballs” in her purse, but they recovered numerous syringes, including some with exposed needles and one loaded up with heroin. They allegedly recovered .4 grams of meth from her purse, according to court records.
Sloan allegedly told school officials she also stole $125 from students that was meant for a field trip and pawned two school-owned iPads to fuel her addiction, KTUL reports.
State Board of Education spokeswoman Steffie Corcoran told the Tulsa World the allegations against Sloan was enough for the board to immediately suspend her teaching certificate and bar her from public schools.
The teacher will receive a copy of the signed order and notification of hearing to revoke her certificate permanently, she said.
Sloan submitted her resignation days before her arrest, on April 28, with an effective date of May 16. Superintendent Rob Armstrong told the Tulsa World he suspended her with pay and benefits on May 2, and the school board voted to accept her Sloan’s resignation on May 8.
Sloan now faces a slew of criminal charges, including felony counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance in the presence of a minor, child neglect, and embezzlement, as well as misdemeanors for embezzlement and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.
She’s set for a court hearing in Bristow, Oklahoma on Friday.
Several news sites pointed out how Sloan’s troubles, and her mugshot, are providing a valuable lesson for students on why they should steer clear of drugs.
“Look What Meth Did To This Oklahoma Elementary Teacher Who Stole Field Trip Money For Drugs” read the headline from, which posted Sloan recent mugshot – with greasy hair and face pocked with open sores – alongside an image of the beautiful beaming teacher from Facebook taken just a year ago.
“Here’s my big question in all of this: Was she teaching with that meth face? If so, who in their right mind would leave their kid with Meth Face? I’d probably start asking questions. I mean that’s not the normal Hey, you’re 27, zits happen, kinda face,” the site opined.

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  1. The meth she was doing was dirty. If she was doing good, clean meth, her face never would have broken out that way.