Friday, 26 May 2017

Middle school teacher and her aide caught on video in vicious brawl in front of students

 A Georgia middle school teacher and her aide will be fired after brawling with each other in front of a classroom full of students May 19 — a knock-down, drag-out incident recorded on cellephone video by a student.
The clip shows one of the staff members shoving what appears to be a female at the front of the classroom at Stone Mountain Middle School — and then what’s presumably a second staff member jumping in to the female’s defense. That’s when the two staff members begin going at it — and there’s full-on hair-pulling, bodies slamming into blackboards, and students screaming for them to stop.
WXIA-TV reported that the fight broke out during Field Day activities, and WSB-TV said that at least one adult was needed to break up the scrum.
Brittany Randolph-Johnson, an eighth-grade teacher, and Milan Etheridge, a special education paraprofessional who assists Randolph-Johnson, were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, booked into jail Tuesday and later released on bond, WXIA reported. The school’s website on Thursday listed Randolph-Johnson as an English teacher.
In the below mug shots, Etheridge is on the left and Randolph-Johnson is on the right. Both are 27, WXIA said.
 It gets better. A WGCL-TV reporter spoke to a student who said the pair had been arguing about a “male teacher.”
And to top it off, students told WGCL that school officials later went through their cellphones and ordered them to delete evidence of the fight.
“Nobody apologized,” a student told WGCL. “They just came in and were like, ‘Who videotaped this?’ and stuff like that. I think they were trying to push it under the rug so nobody would know about it and the school’s reputation wouldn’t be messed up.”
But DeKalb County School District told WGCL it isn’t aware of staff going through student cellphones. Regardless, at least one clip made it to the internet.
Valerie Stewart, a parent, was furious.
“They couldn’t have waited until school was out? Mature adults? And then talk about it after kids were out of the classroom?” she asked WSB.

Valerie Stewart, a parent, was not happy with the teachers’ action. 

Stewart’s daughter, Madison Hall, a student at Stone Mountain, didn’t witness the fight — but when she heard about it, she told WSB she “couldn’t believe it. Like, I thought it was kids fighting, and then found out it was teachers. It was just bad.”

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  1. They went to jail? They belong in therapy, not jail. It seems that being stupid is now a jailing offense. It that's the case, people who teach Common Core would fill up our prisons.