Monday, 3 April 2017

The Royal Marines, RAF, 1 Mercians and the US Army train together, in pictures

 Private Potter, 1 Mercians and Sergeant Marcus Williams, 5 Rifles demonstrates casualty extraction from a Warrior armoured vehicle using, Armoured Casualty Evacuation Rescue System (Acers).
 Ronin, Situational Awareness system, which works works on the crowd sourcing of information on the battle field and has the tag line of 'Facebook for Targets'.
Private Waldron, 1 Mercian, holds a PD-100 Personal Reconnaissance System with the Black Hornet 2 Nano airborne sensor. Boasting infra red and HD filming capacity, transmitting in real time with a weight of just over 2 grams it can fly for 25 minutes.
 Spec. Don Boumans, 1-29th Infantry, US Army provides protection while Private Foskett, 1 Mercians, drives a HIPPO, a lightweight tactical 8 wheel drive, amphibious, all terrain vehicle.
 Spec. Don Boumans and Private Foskett take the HIPPO through muddy waters whilst out on exercise.

 Major Adam Siokalo, Canadian Exchange Officer, uses a Pointer Sighting System, the optical and laser target designator unit provides the gunner, target information, made by Qintiq. The system works in real time between the gunner and base commander.
 Soldiers from 1 Mercian, use the Trace System, which fits in a small pouch, from DMM which allows soldiers to escape from buildings up to 15 metres high.
Royal Marines from 45 Commando use a carbon fibre ladder to climb up the outside of a building. The system is made by DMM based in Wales

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