Saturday, 8 April 2017

How to use Castor oil to Improve Vision; to Prevent and Reduce cataracts

Cataracts are the clouding and/or deterioration of the eye lens.  Traditionally, this is associated with old age, however, recently more and more young people are presenting with cataracts.  This is believed to be the result of a poor diet, or more precisely a diet void of essential nutrients and antioxidants.  By having large amounts of free radicals and oxidative stress, oxidation of proteins in the eye lens induces glycation which is likened to a egg white turning from clear to white as it heats up.  Natural foods and spices provide antioxidants like glutathione which work to prevent glycation.  Unfortunately, a diet void of  antioxidants leads to very high levels of oxidative stress and often induces the development of cataracts.

Used even by the Egyptians for eye disorders, Castor oil has long been recognized as one of the few natural remedies for cataracts.  In most cases doctors simply recommend surgery (which may still be necessary for extreme cases), however, your first line of therapy should be Castor Oil (make sure to use Organic, cold pressed).  To use Castor oil to prevent and reduce cataracts, take 1 drop per night in each eye and rinse in the morning.  If you do not notice a slight improvement within the first 3 days, discontinue.  Full therapeutic results should be attained in 4-6 weeks of use.

Let’s look at some other Effective uses for Castor Oil:

  • Immunity Boost:  Castor Oil is believed to increase white blood cells (specifically T-11 cells which act like antibodies)
  • Increase Circulation:  Castor oil has positive effects on the Lymphatic System which helps to move/filter waste material.  Increased lymphatic function is always associated with increase circulation.
  • Prevents Bacteria, Yeasts and Mold:  Try using Castor oil to prevent not only internal infections, but bacteria and mold growth in the household.
  • Acne:  Combine 1 part Castor Oil with 3 parts Coconut Oil a add 3-6 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil and apply nightly to the face or infected area(s).
  • Hair Growth:  In addition to creating healthy, shiny well moisturized hair, Castor oil will actually help induce new hair growth.
  • Constipation:  Try taking 1 teaspoon of Castor Oil internally to relieve mild to moderate constipation.
  • Sun Burn:  Combine 1 part Castor Oil to 1 part coconut oil and apply regularly to affected areas.
  • Kitchen Lubricant:  Due to its edibility and bacteria fighting properties, use Castor Oil to lubricate kitchen utensils such as scissors or mixers.  Castor oil will also not freeze and is a great overall lubricant as it does not deteriorate plastics or rubber.

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