Friday, 10 March 2017

This Oil Can Change Your Life. It Treats Anxiety, Allergies, Blood Sugar, and Cancer

Many people enjoy Geraniums for their colorful flowers.  You can find Geraniums in gardens, on patios and balcony’s all over the world.  In the wild you will find Geraniums in most of the Eastern half North America, extending from Canada to Alabama.  Though beautiful to look at, the real value of this plant is not the colorful flowers, but the medicinal leafs, stems and roots.
Native Americans often used Geranium roots and dried leafs to treat a variety of ailments.  Researchers at St. Olaf’s College say, “Chippewa Indians used dried, powdered rhizomes mixed with grape juice as a mouthwash for children with thrush. A poultice from the base or pounded roots of the plant was used to treat burns and hemorrhoids. The leaves and roots were used to treat sore throats, hemorrhages, gonorrhea, and cholera. Like many other tannin-containing substances, Native Americans also used Wild Geranium as an anti-diarrhea treatment. A plant- infused tea was made to achieve this purpose, though some sources say the tea could have had the opposite effect, causing constipation.”
Today we have Geranium Essential oil which, due to its powerful astringent and hemostatic properties, can be used to treat a large number of modern ailments.  Lets look at the Top Ten uses for Geranium Essential Oil.  (Remember to always source essential oils from a trusted provider that only uses natural and organic ingredients).

Ten Uses for Geranium Essential Oil

#10: Allergies:  According to a Japanese study conducted in 2016, Geranium essential oil has a inhibitory effect on cultured mast cells.  Mast cells are commonly associated with the body’s reaction to allergies.  By inhibiting TNF (tumor necrosis factor), immune cells react less to the body’s autoimmune, inflammatory reactions.
 : Anxiety: The beautiful aroma of Geranium Essential oil has a calming effect on the body, allowing for complete relaxation and mental re-balancing.
#8 Blood Sugar Regulation: Animal studies from 2012 demonstrated that Geranium was associated with reduced levels fo glucose in diabetic rats.
#7: Concentration:  Currently study’s are ongoing to asses the affects of Geranium on neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
#6 Cold Sores: Due to its anti-viral properties, topically applying Geranium Essential oil to cold sores will help reduce the pain and size of the cold sore.
#5  Hair and Scalp Health:  Known to nourish and tone the scalp, adding a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner will help balance both dry and oily scalps.  Resulting in beautiful, healthy hair.  This can also aid in hair re-growth.
#4 Insect Repellent:  Don’t like bugs?  Bring your Geranium essential oil with you in your hikes, camping tips, picnics, etc.  Adding a few drops to the top and bottom of your mattress can also help reduce the growth of dust mites.
#3 UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections):  Almost everyone (males included) will experience a UTI at some point in their lives.  Both painful and inconvenient, UTI treatment with ciprofloxacin (commonly used to treat UTI’s) can be greatly accelerated with the addition of Geranium treatment, according to 2011 research.
#2 Hemorrhoids: The astringent properties of Geranium essential oils, help to shrink and heal the swollen tissue associated with he pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids.
#1 Skin Care:  By far and away the most common medicinal use of Geranium essential oil, is in skin care products.  By functioning as a anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant agent, Geranium essential oil has been used and still is used to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and acne.  Try adding a few drop of Geranium Essential oil to your lotion, or use in combination with a natural carrier oil such as Coconut or Argan for example.

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