Saturday, 14 January 2017

Two Bidet Companies Got Into A Fight On Twitter And It's Totally Bizarre

Comedian Steve Zaragoza of Los Angeles recently joked on Twitter that he'd like to be sponsored by a bidet company. If you're unaware, those are the toilets that squirt water up your bum. They're all the rage in Europe.
Little did Zaragoza know that this tweet would spark a fierce and bizarre Twitter fight between two rival bidet companies. 
Brondell, Inc was the first to respond. 
@stevezaragoza...what kinda "sponsorship" are we talking here? Signed, a bidet company that believes in 
@brondell I'm looking for a bidet that's associated with love, kindness and my bearded endorsement. Is that you Brondell Inc?

Little did they know, the people at Bio Bidet woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Shots. Fired.

And it got even more fierce from there on out. 
@stevezaragoza @BIOBIDET LOL doesn't bother us a bit (yappers want attention -2 busy 2 give it bc we're at - no booth 4 @BIOBIDET)!

@stevezaragoza Vid of @brondell team and product at  pitching to ̶5̶2̶7̶ 526 followers.

@BIOBIDET @stevezaragoza Actually, (pic below). If @BIOBIDET was here at  we'd say stop by Booth S5608 to see how it's done, but...

@brondell @stevezaragoza Claims too busy, responds promptly. What is Brondell really doing @ ?

Unsurprisingly, people were pretty entertained by the whole thing.

@stevezaragoza this is a once in a lifetime meme opportunity, steve.