Sunday, 11 December 2016

Step-by missing steps documentary of cardboard fire place

This is when I realized maybe I should take some pictures of this. Most of my boxes are from usps the two bigger ones are IKEA chairs

So depth added for the faux fire to go in ... see following image

It's black styrofoam from the dollar store

Wanted the top to stick out like a mantel so I found this thin box at work that held chart paper

Made these out of styrofoam as well ( sorry for the snap chat pics )

Painted them a red brick color... wasn't satisfied so I white washed them

This is were I realized it needed support to carry weight. Warning: I was so concentrated I forgot to keep documenting but it's held together by tape and hot glue

Instead of painting it with many layers of paint I decided to use white poster paper from you guessed it the dollar store. Wasn't satisfied so I started adding white trim

I need more bricks but and to make my faux fire logs so I decided to stop for the night

Here it is so far. I spent a total of 12 dollars for all the supplies

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