Friday, 7 October 2016

The Top 7 Reasons to Drink Celery Water In the Morning

The Top 7 Reasons to Drink Celery Water In the Morning

1. Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

Celery is a rich source of flavonoids like zeaxanthin, lutein, and betacarotene, which studies have shown lowers inflammation
Inflammatory Research Journal reports a recent study of several kinds of flavonoids which possess anti-inflammatory activity. Results indicated that only luteolin and quercetin inhibited the platelet-activating factor and suppressed inflammatory response induced by allergens. Luteolin inhibited the excess production of TNF-alpha, a direct cause of inflammation. 

2. Lower Blood Pressure and Improved Cardiovascular Health

It is believed that the phthalides in celery relax the arteries and allow the vessels to dilate which enables the blood to flow more freely. These phthalides also relieve our stress hormones and in turn the less stressed our body is the lower our blood pressure becomes.
Celery also contains a bioflavonoid called apigenin that acts as an anti-inflammatory within your cardiovascular system and promotes blood vessel expansion, thereby lessening high blood pressure and hypertension. 

3. Celery juice as a Cancer Fighter

One of celery’s big benefits is it’s vitamin C level, which has the well known benefits – but two of it’s lesser known nutrients are phthalides which have been shown to lower cholesterol and coumarins which have been shown to inhibit several cancers.

4. Cleansing and Detoxifying

Research suggests that celery improves liver health, which can increase your body’s own detox capacities long term. If that isn’t enough, it can help you rebuild HCL in your gut, which is crucial for fully digesting your food and absorbing important nutrients. 

5. Skin Benefits of Celery Juice

Celery contains a wide range of nutritional elements for enhancing your skin. Aside from all of the various antioxidants already mentioned, it is high in vitamin K for preserving skin’s firmness and elastic quality and has vitamin C, vitamin A and B vitamins for healthy skin tone.

6. Weight loss

Drinking celery juice frequently throughout the day helps curb cravings for sweet. It is filling without putting any extra pounds on.

7. Sleep Enhancer

The minerals and essential oils in celery juice have a calming effect on the nervous system, making it beneficial for insomniacs. Its high magnesium levels help people to relax into a soothing and restful sleep. 

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