Friday, 27 April 2018

In Wuhan, PM Narendra Modi lists out 5 common elements for closer Indo-China relations

"This is not just an informal meeting but a historic meeting. Our two countries can work together for the benefit of 40% of world's population."

Thanking Chinese President Xi Jinping for a warm welcome, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday highlighted the need for India and China to work closely for the benefit of world's 40% population. He also listed out five common elements which could bind both nations closely in the times to come.

PM Modi is here on an 'informal meeting' with Xi - a visit that comes on the backdrop of tensions caused primarily by the Doklam standoff and Beijing's growing ties with Pakistan. PM Modi though said that the bond that India and China have shared is one that has existed for centuries and one that will give direction to the world in the times to come. "This is not just an informal meeting but a historic meeting as well. Both our countries have shared close ties since ancient times. It is time we build on those ties for the benefit of world's 40% population," he told Xi. "I have observed that there are five common elements that can bind India and China together. They are common thinking, common relations, common co-operation, common aspirations and common dreams."

While also inviting Xi to India, PM Modi emphasised that people-to-people contact between the two countries can ensure long-lasting peace and mutual respect. 

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