Sunday, 18 February 2018

Mucho Magnification (16 pics)

With the scanning electron microscope you can magnify household items a million times greater than their actual size. It provides beautifully detailed 3D photographs and is the most expensive microscopes in the world.

Used dental floss

A mascara brush

Every tiny contour of salt and ground pepper corns are revealed in this image.

A torn postage stamp

A cotton bud with earwax on the end of it

A computer hard drive

The writing point of 'superwound' guitar string

A hooks and loops fastener

Sugar crystals: a refined sugar crystal and a raw sugar crystal

The tip of an unburnt match

Toothbrush bristles

A graphite pencil core

A piece of toilet paper

The lighting mechanism of a disposable cigarette lighter

A rotary blade on an electric razor with minuscule hairs near the blades

A needle and thread

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