Friday, 22 December 2017

10 Science-Backed Ways to Avoid Overeating

Most of us overeat during the holiday season. Unfortunately, for some, this habit doesn’t end there. Folks overeat throughout the year and end up gaining excess weight.
Willpower alone can’t help you avoid overeating. You need to supplement it with science-backed methods that help people eat less.
If you want to avoid overeating during the holidays or any time of year, the tips below will help you.

1. Reduce variety

According to research, people who eat a wide variety of foods consume 23 percent more calories.
Researchers explain that eating a wide variety of foods numbs your senses, and this can push you to eat more.
In one study, researchers found that people who given a bowl of M&Ms with 10 different colors (all with the same taste) ate 43 more M&Ms compared the group that was given a bowl with 7 different colors.

2. Get enough eye-shut

Sleep has a big impact on hunger than most people realize. Lack of adequate sleep can make you overeat and increase chances of binge eating. 
According to this study, participants who slept for 4.5 hours for 4 days snacked on 300 more calories in one sitting compared to participants who got 8.5 hours of sleep per night.
Make sure you get 7-8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

3. Go for a walk

Walking takes the mind off food and makes it easier to control cravings. Researchers say that walking for 15 minutes can reduce chocolate cravings – one of the most craved foods.
Going for a short walk before meals can also help control appetite and reduce chances of overeating.

4. Use smaller plates

You’ve probably heard this before, but have you tried it? Research shows that reducing plate size is one of the easiest ways  to avoid overeating.
One study showed that reducing plate size from 12.5 inches to 9.5 inches can reduce calorie intake by 27 percent.

5. Avoid liquid calories

Calorie-containing drinks trigger overeating due to high sugar content. Sodas and fruit juices spike blood sugar levels which in turn increase appetite.
A study on obese women found that replacing sweetened drinks with water helped the women eat less and lose weight.

6. Don’t shop for groceries when hungry

You’re more likely to buy junk food if you go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
In this study, researchers found that hungry shoppers bought one-third more junk food compared to shoppers who were full.

7. Drink water before meals

This is one of my favorite weight loss tips. Not just because it is easy, but because it can help you eat less and drop pounds fast.
Research shows that people eat less and feel full for long when they drink a glass of water before meals. Speaking of glasses…

8. Use short wide glasses

According to research, short, wide glasses help us drink 57 percent more fluids. Use these glasses when drinking water or lemon water.
On the other hand, thin and tall glasses help us drink less fluid. So serve sodas and fruit juice in such glasses.

9. Turn off the TV while eating

TV, computer games and music are distractions that make us overeat. People can eat up to 71 percent more food when watching TV, research shows. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re eating junk or healthy food.
Turn off the TV and all other distractions that can make you overeat.

10. Eat high-fiber foods

The foods we eat can trigger overeating. Processed and sugary foods will probably make you overeat.
High-fiber foods on the other hand increase satiety and keep us full for long. According to this study, eating 14 extra grams of fiber can help you eat 10 percent fewer calories.

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