Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Vaccine that Contains 20 micrograms of mercury per dose (5 times more than the CDC says is safe for a 110 lb person)

According to the CDC, during the 2013-2014 flu season, 58.9% of children and 42.2% of adults in the US received a flu shot. That works out to about 143 million Americans receiving a shot that year. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that the shot is necessary and a growing amount of evidence that they are doing more harm than good.
The first question we should ask ourselves before taking any medication is, do I need this? Since all medication and vaccines have side-affects (including medication as basic as aspirin) we should give pause before taking anything and ask if the benefits outweigh the risks…sometimes they certainly do.
However, in the case of the flu shot, otherwise normal to healthy individuals have absolutely no need for this shot. Afterall, how many people you know have died from the flu? The size and scope of the industry and in particular the dollar amounts we are talking about, has made both the CDC and vaccine manufacturers mislead the people with cherry picked and misleading statistics designed to instill fear and encourage you to spend money (or government money if you get a “free” shot…we all know nothing is free) on vaccines every year that you don’t need. According to the CDC, death by “pneumonia and influenzas” (note they lump the two together for shock and awe) occurred 62,034 lives in 2001. What they hide is the fact that in only 18 of these cases the flu virus was positively identified. The CDC says that the cause of death is most often due to respiratory and circulatory issues. However, they also admit that the flu is the cause of only 2.1% of all respiratory and circulatory deaths. The CDC also admits, that only 17% of those reporting flu like symptoms actually have the flu. This all means the chance of you actually getting the flu (the real flu) is very low and the chance of you actually dying from it are extremely low!
The main reason to avoid the flu shot are the ingredients. There are 20 micrograms of mercury per dose (5 times more than the CDC says is safe for a 110 lb person). Symptoms of mercury poisoning are similar to autism. Formaldehyde is another major component. This substance is linked to leukemia and other cancers such as brain, colon and lymphatic cancers.

Flu Shots Contain Spermicide

This year’s flu shot includes as a preservative a well-known spermicide called Octoxynol 10. In fact, the substances manufacturers website ( states: FOR RESEARCH ONLY. NOT FOR HUMAN OR DRUG USE. In addition to being a well know spermicide, this substance is also linked to chills, confusion, muscle aches and skin/eye irritations.
As you can see, the flu shot is not a precautionary step that is necessary for normal to healthy humans as the risk vs reward ratio is not favorable. Why ingest harmful, known carcinogens for a disease that the average person only has once every 11 years? You have at most (1 in 345,000) chance of dying from the flu. Since these statistics are unreliable and often twisted, the actual odds may be much lower.

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