Saturday, 14 October 2017

Mind-Blowing "Digital Makeup" In Real Life (14 pics)

 This is Omote, a new technology by Nobumichi Asai, that made it possible to project special effects onto human face in real time even as it moves around. The Omote uses real-time face tracking and projection mapping that can completely change live performance and turn it into something stupefying.

Tracer dots are placed on the face of the subject and then scanned.

After that the Omote projects an artists rendering onto their face.
This can be something as simple as a darker lipstick, thicker eyebrows, and some eyeliner.

Or it could mean a second act reveal that the main character has actually been a ROBOT the entire time!
None of this is makeup, or green screen, or edited special effects. It is all projected onto the actor’s face meaning that anything you see a real life audience would see in person.

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