Monday, 7 August 2017

The Only Type of Strawberries You Should Eat Daily (The Rest will do more damage than good)

Few other foods spell summertime like strawberries. Since Roman times (there is evidence the strawberry was grown by South American cultures well before this) the strawberry has been a favorite fruit of many. Strawberries get their name from the stacks of straw that was put around the plants to protect them from rodents and other small animals.
The sweet taste and ruby red color make them a delicious and beautiful addition to any plate. But did you know that these delicious fruits contain very healthy and beneficial properties that we should be taking advantage of?
The large amounts of polyphenolic and antioxidant content of strawberries make them effective at improving the immune system and reducing signs of premature aging. Strawberries have also been associated with improved brain function, blood pressure, arthritis, gout and even cardiovascular disorders.
Unfortunately, the Environmental Working Group, which tests pesticides and toxin levels in foods, list strawberries as one of the most chemically sprayed foods there is… period. They even list strawberries as one of their “dirty dozen”. To avoid chemical exposure while enjoying the health benefits of strawberries, you must purchase those that were organically grown. However, if you eat organic strawberries that are free of toxins and pesticides you will enjoy the following health properties:
Per one cup of strawberries:
· Just 49 calories
· 0 grams of fat
· 7 grams of sugar
· 3 grams of fiber
· 1 gram of protein
· 4 mg Vitamin C (149%)
· 2 IU Vitamin A (89%)
· .6 mg Manganese (29%)
· 36 mcg Folate (9%)
· 233 mg Potassium (7%)
· 8 mg Magnesium (5%)
· 3 mcg Vitamin K (4%)
The high amount of vitamin C in this fruit can help reduce symptoms from colds and other infirmities such as constipation and hyperthyroidism. Also, it is very advisable to consume strawberries during menopause as they can help reduce hot flashes and other symptoms common to this phase of a women life.
In addition, because strawberries contain potassium and are low in sodium, they are an effective diuretic. Likewise, being a diuretic while having properties that detoxify the blood, they are recommended for people with gout, hypertension, obesity and even arthritis.

The Only Type of Strawberries You Should Eat Daily

But you MUST buy organic strawberries. It takes a ton of dangerous pesticides to grow strawberries. All conventional strawberry plants are grown with the help of fumigants, the hard-to-control class of pesticides that have been linked to cancer, developmental problems and the hole in the ozone layer.

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