Friday, 11 August 2017

14 High Calorie Fruits To Always Avoid

 Fruit is one of the many things people indulge in when they are on a weight loss programme. Most of the experts state that consuming fruits is the best way to keep your tummy full. It is also a healthier option when compared to fried items, which are high in calories. But, did you know there are high-calorie fruits that you must avoid in your weight loss programme?
Take a look at the list of high calorie fruits and make sure you avoid them at the earliest. But, on the other hand, some of the fruits have to be consumed at least once in a month to have a balanced and nutritious diet.
One banana contains approximately around 100 calories. Not only are bananas rich in carbs and nutritious, they're also great energy booster. 
 Half an avocado contains 7 grams of fibre, 41 percent of DRV for folate and only 2 grams of saturated fat. But, it is a high calorie fruit after bananas.
 They are high in iron and calories. So, if you want to watch your weight, make sure you eat only about 3 dates.
 This fruit has around 114 calories. Consuming grapes once in a week is better than every day.
 Papaya contains a high amount of vitamins. However, the 119 percent of calories present in a serving of papaya will add to the weight gain.
 One coconut will help to cleanse your entire digestive system but this high calorie fruit has around 159 percent of fat. If you are on a weight loss programme, maintain the intake of this delicious fruit. 
You should avoid this high calorie fruit if you want to lose weight. One mango contains around 156 calories.
 The itchy pear fruit is yet another high calorie fruit you should avoid if you seriously want to lose weight. One serving of pear contains 96 percent of fat.
One serving of grapefruit contains around 92 percent of fat. Consuming too much of this fruit will only add to the calories.
Plums have a high calorie count as well. It is better to consume fresh plums instead of dried fruits.
Oranges contain a lot of water content. It also contains 62 percent of fat. Therefore, it is a high calorie fruit to avoid.
These yummy purple berries contain 83 percent fat. If you love blueberries and want to keep a track of your weight, it is advisable not to consume too much of it.
This berry is high in calories. Containing around 62 percent of calories, raspberries should not be eaten more than twice in a week.
Watermelon contains 86 percent of calories. You should avoid this fruit on a daily basis.

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