Saturday, 1 July 2017

Thug beats his pregnant girlfriend on crutches so violently her SKULL is exposed in horrific footage caught on convenience store CCTV

Horrific CCTV footage shown to a court reveals the moment a thug exposed his pregnant girlfriend's skull when he viciously beat her up at a convenience store.

Jamar Bernard Woody, 35, launched the brutal attack on Shatory Irving in Roanoke, Virginia, in June last year.

The 26-year-old victim was three months pregnant at the time and dependent on crutches because of a broken ankle.

 In the awful clip, which was shown to jurors during the trial, Woody can be seen punching Ms Irving and continuing when she falls to the floor.

Doctors testified that Ms Irving's skull was exposed after the vicious beating caused an inch-long split in her forehead.

Her child was born premature but healthy last year.

Local attorney David Billingsley told the Roanoke Times: 'She really is fortunate that she wasn't hurt more than she actually was.'

Woody was convicted in January of malicious wounding. The jury recommended a sentence of eight years in prison - two more than the maximum guidelines.

The punishment was confirmed this week despite efforts on his behalf by witnesses including his victim.

Ms Irving admitted to giving testimony during Woody’s trial as part of an attempt to keep him out of jail.
She described how she violated a protective order he had taken out against her in 2014 and broke windows during disagreement.
“You have to understand, it is a volatile, toxic relationship,” defense attorney Melvin Hill told the Roanoke Times.

Judge Chris Clemens said he would include an order for psychiatric treatment in Woody's sentence.
Mr Hill revealed during the sentencing that Woody had a history of mental health problems.


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