Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Stunned passengers have to strap down drunken Russian flier covered in blood after he screams and punches the seat in front on flight to Turkey

Shocked passengers were forced to strap down a ' drunk ' man who was covered in blood and screaming on a flight to Turkey, it is reported.
The Russian flier was filmed yelling and repeatedly punching the seat in front of him while horrified families with young kids watched.
The upsetting incident happened on a packed Red Wings flight from Moscow to Antalya.
Footage shows the disorientated and allegedly drunk man screaming while blood runs freely from his face onto his clothing.
 Dressed in a light blue T-shirt and jeans, he can also be seen punching the seat in front of him, according to local media.
A scared young girl in the row in front of him is filmed nervously trying to edge away from him towards her mother.
The video shows the man being restrained by fed-up passengers, who lie him on his back across a row of seats and bind his hands with a seatbelt.
 It is not clear how he sustained the injuries to his face.
Russian reports claim cabin crew members had initially tried to calm the man down, but he had carried on being aggressive.
Police were said to be waiting on the runway when the plane touched down in Turkey, reported RMF Maxxx.
This isn't the first time passengers have caused problems in the air.

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  1. Looks like someone I see on the city bus here almost everday.