Saturday, 8 July 2017

Man trolls racist neighbor complaining about him ‘looking Mexican’ with delicious response

Despite not being Mexican, a man who lived in a gated community was often “accused” of the ethnicity — despite living there for more than 11 years. So when he figured out which of his neighbors kept calling security on him, he decided to do something about it.
Imgur user “SharkswithFriggenLazerBeams” revealed the story of his friend, whose name he didn’t reveal, who was the recipient of racist surveillance from his neighbors.
The friend, who is a mix of Portuguese, Japanese and European, would get comments ranging from “Do you live here?” to “Do you realize you’re trespassing” — and would, on occasion, get security called on him.
Once the man discovered the identity of the “repeat-offender who kept calling HOA security” on him, he decided to send her a gift.
 The man, who is “not straight, but lowkey about it,” was then the recipient of a homophobic letter from the offensive neighbor — so he decided to take his delicious attacks further.

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