Saturday, 15 July 2017

From hormonal balance to anti-aging protection: Here is how hemp seed oil can change your life

Though often linked with its sister plant marijuana, hemp in the United States especially, has fallen out of fashion for all the wrong reasons since the 1950’s. In actuality, the benefits of hemp in textiles and other manufacturing and hemp seeds and oil in health and nutrition are undeniable and worthy of making us reconsider this beneficial plant.

You can take advantage of the health benefits of Hemp is several ways. For example, you can use Hemp flour to make desserts like cookies and cakes. It so happens that hemp seed flour is gluten free as well. Or, you could also add the seeds themselves to you smoothies, on top of your yogurt or add it to your granola and other cereals.
 However, the most varietal way to take advantage of Hemp’s nutritional benefits is through Hemp seed oil. This can be consumed both topically for your hair and skin and internally for heart and immune health.

Health Benefits of Hemp Seed oil:

· Rich in Gamma Linolenic-acid. GLA are necessary for the production of prostaglandins (hormone like chemicals that work to help smooth muscles regulate body temperature, internal inflammation, body weight, diabetes and hormonal imbalances.
· Rich in polysaturated acidic fats. More importantly Hemp seed oil has an ideal balance of the acidic fats Omega-3 and Omega-6. This ideal proportion helps fight against heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders.
· Great for the skin. Containing powerful antioxidants to fight against premature aging, Hemp seed oil is a great daily moisturizer as it can penetrate the deep layers of the skin, providing deep hydration. Hemp seed oil also contains properties that can fight against sun damage and acne.
Overall, adding Hemp seeds and Hemp seed oil to your diet is smart way to maintain both internal and external youthfulness and overall health. Easy to use and not particularly expensive, Hemp seeds can and should be re-considered by American consumers. After all, they earned a bad reputation for all the wrong reasons.

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