Monday, 3 July 2017

A woman vomited after finding a rotting mystery corpse in a restaurant salad — it tested for “very high” levels of E. coli

This is about as bad as it gets when finding things in your food. Light stomachs, beware.

Last April, Pierrette Caouette was traveling for work when she stopped into a Normandin restaurant in Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. She ordered a salad, but what arrived at her table was so revolting that it’s culminated in a $200,000 lawsuit that was just filed against the Canadian restaurant chain.

She says the first bite of cucumber tasted “odd,” but she didn’t think a lot of it.

That’s when she bit something a lot tougher than a leaf, tomato or dressing. She moved her salad around and found something on her plate that was both badly decomposed and very, very large  the size of her hand, she says.

“I spit it out, I vomited it out,” she told CBC News. “I don’t know how the cook didn’t see what was in the plate.”

But the staff wouldn’t show her what she’d eaten and worked, quickly, to hide that anything had happened at all barely giving her a glass of water before leaving her to contemplate eating something so dead it wasn’t able to be identified.

That’s when Caouette called police. They went into the kitchen, retrieved what was in her salad, and told her to go to the hospital. Immediately.

You’ll notice that we still haven’t named what kind of dead animal, or part of a dead animal, was in Caouette’s salad. That’s because it was so decomposed that not even the Ministry of Agriculture could positively confirm it. They did, however, confirm that there were “very high levels of E. coli” present.

A lawyer for Pierrette Caouette says the incident sparked “a series of repercussions on her emotional [and] psychological health” and that Caouette is suing to recover damages as well as lost wages for her time in the hospital.

Attorney Martina Bakula says that Caouette cannot tolerate the sight of salads anymore, but that therapy is slowly helping her move past the incident.

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  1. She should have sued for $100 million instead.....