Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Woman says she was kicked out of apartment’s pool over fears her swimsuit would ‘excite’ teen boys

An East Tennessee woman claims that she was kicked out of her apartment complex’s pool over fears that her swimsuit would “excite” teenage boys who lived there.
Tori Jenkins tells local news station WTVR that she was asked to leave the pool recently by a woman who complained about her pink one-piece bathing suit.
“She basically told me that if I didn’t have kids, I wouldn’t understand,” Jenkins explains. “If her kids were at the pool she wouldn’t want me in that swimsuit, how inappropriate I looked.”
She claims the woman then told her she needed to either put on shorts or go to a part of the pool where she was less visible.
Tyler Newman, Jenkins’ fiance, first drew attention to the incident when he posted about it on Facebook.
“She was told that her body because it’s built more curvy than others, is too inappropriate for children to be around,” Newman told WTVR. “She was told there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don’t need to excite them.”
In a statement given to WTVR, the apartment complex denied that any of its representatives had ever told her that her swimsuit would “excite” teenage boys, and only said that “one of our leasing consultants requested Ms. Jenks wrap a towel around herself when she was walking around the pool.”
Watch WTVR’s video report of the incident below.


  1. I think that Tori Jenkins used poor judgment. Without addressing how management handled the situation, my position is that the suit might be appropriate for a private pool in someone's back yard but it is not appropriate for a housing complex pool. I suspect that my view may not be shared by everyone but it is my view, nevertheless.

  2. With all due respect she doesn't look all that 'hot'. I wouldn't be staring at her. What's the big deal?

  3. It would seem quite obvious to me that these other people have not seen what most teenage girls are wearing to the pools these days. I would by far rather my wife and daughters wore this suit than lots of others i have seen. Oh,yes. I remember being a teenage boy; we could get "excited" watching grass grow.

    1. "I remember being a teenage boy; we could get "excited" watching grass grow."

      LMFAO!!!! Ain't that the truth.

  4. That is nothing compared to some of the swimsuits I have seen at public swimming pools. There are always going to be people that have their "sensibilities" offended but we have turned into a society that polices everything to the extreme in an attempt to "offend" no one and that is not healthy.