Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Watch: College students’ answers to questions about terrorism are both hilarious and terrifying

On Saturday evening’s episode of “Watters’ World” on the Fox News Channel, a segment aired showing Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips interviewing college students to ask them what their thoughts are about terrorism. Their answers are unbelievably scary, and in some cases, stupid.
“Do you think we should be using the word ‘radical Islam’ in talking about ISIS, or do you think that term may be too offensive to use and could offend people too much?” Phillips asked.
“No, that’s definitely wrong,” one student said.
“It might be on the more offensive side,” another student said.
One student argued “radical Islamic terrorism” is inappropriate because a similar term hasn’t been used to define Christian terrorists in the United States.
“There’s been domestic terrorism with Christian groups, for example, and you don’t really call them, you don’t go around saying ‘radical Christianism’ or ‘radical capitalist,’ things like that, right,” the student said.
“Which attacks would those be?” Phillips asked the same student.
“Um, I can’t name from the top of my head, but I know that — I’m trying to think, there’s certain like churches — I actually can’t name any off the top of my head,” the student said.

College students’ views on Islamic terrorism and other issues have undoubtedly been shaped by the significant ideological imbalance in most major universities, an imbalance that heavily favors leftist causes and views.
In September 2016, researchers Mitchell Langbert, Anthony Quain and Daniel Klein published a study in Econ Journal Watch in which they examined the voter registration data of faculty members at 40 U.S. higher-education institutions. Of the 7,243 professors looked up, 3,623 were found to be registered Democrats and only 314 were registered as Republicans, a ratio greater than 11 to one.
Professors aren’t leaving their left-wing ideologies at the classroom door, either. According to a report by Toni Airaksinen at the College Fix, which conducted an analysis of social justice academic programs at major colleges and universities throughout the United States, more than 100 higher-education institutions now provide students with the ability to specialize in left-wing social justice programs.
According to Airaksinen, “The Fix found at least 64 American colleges that offer minors in social justice or a substantially similar field, such as social justice leadership. At least 18 offer four-year degrees in the field, and at least 15 offer master’s degrees.”

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