Friday, 16 June 2017

This Man's Truck Was Spray Painted With Racial Slurs, And His Repair Shop Didn't Stand For It (8 Pics)

When a customer pulled his truck into Collision Masters repair shop, the entire crew fell silent.

 That's because the truck was covered in spray-painted racial slurs. The employees were disgusted.
 The owner of the shop, Frank Todaro, and his entire crew stopped what they were doing and immediately got to work on the customer's truck.
 Todaro writes in his Facebook post that right after seeing the truck, he looked at the customer and said, "You are not leaving until I fix this!"
 The employees immediately got to work and "attacked" the truck "like a pit crew" until it was finished. With the whole crew at hand, they finished the job in 30 minutes - and free of charge.

 In an interview with Buffalo News, Todaro called the vandalism "disgusting."

 Todaro shared the story on his business's Facebook page. It immediately blew up with over 50,000 shares, 159,000 reactions, and 8,000 comments.

Customer pulls into the shop today and literally hear crickets when all the air tools and employees stopped and shook their head in disgust on what they saw. This unfortunate customer had racist remarks with spray paint all over the vehicle. I looked at the driver and told him that "you are not leaving until I fix this!" Literally my guys dropped everything and attacked this truck like a Pit Crew and got the job done. I told the owner of the vehicle this ones on me and I wanted him to know that Buffalonians will never stand for this! Great job and many thanks to the team at Collision Masters. 
People applauded Todaro's sincerity and generosity.
Todaro said that being able to help the customer, identified only as Mr. King, and take a stand against racism felt "amazing." As a result of the incident, a local anti-racism rally was held on June 15. It's heartwarming to see that even though some human beings positively suck, there are others in the community who make up for it with their kindness. 


  1. I commend the shop owner for being so generous. This gesture will make him either more money and new friends or ruin his business forever....but I think the former solution will prevail. Whoever hated the person enough to spray paint a beautiful truck should be charged. My guess is a jealous rival druggie did this as most vehicle vandalism is done by druggies. Up here in Ohio they think it's cute to let the air out of your tires....typical druggie thing to do. Spray painting is new. Hope that does not catch on.

  2. Wonder if they can repair the muppet that did it?

  3. Nice to read some GOOD news for a change.

  4. No one wants to be around them. No one wants section 8. If diversity was natural it wouldn't need forced in us.

  5. The repair shop did a good thing.

    Now for a little scepticism: how many times have we heard of people vandalizing their own homes, or hurting their own bodies, or pretending to be a different race or religion and calling in threats against one of their own? Too many. I have a lingering doubt that what we see is really an act of racism. It could just as easily be a frame up. It is an anonymous accusation against every person who is not black....yet we don't know who did it or why.

    If it was done by a white person, it is despicable. However, it is not an indication of how white feel feel about blacks nor is it an endorsement of racism. It is an act of vandalism and intimidation by a twisted criminal who speaks only for himself (assuming the gender is male).

    If it was done by a black person, then it is equally despicable because it was done to manipulate the black and white communities by introducing discord and distrust, fear and unearned guilt where there should be none.

    If it was done by the owner of the truck (not unheard of), it is beyond the pale. He should be denounced by everyone around and his picture should be paraded in front on every anti-racism march as a poster child for racial hatred.

    Not knowing who did the crime, it was an admirable act of charity by the repair shop to assume it was as it appeared and scrub the truck.