Tuesday, 6 June 2017

This Interview With A Professor Accused Of 'Racism' By His Leftist Colleagues Is Disturbing

The continuing sordid Social Justice saga unfolding on the campus of Evergreen State College, involving a “whites-free” campus day and a progressive professor harassed and bullied by a mob of students for refusing to participate in the racist, school-sanctioned event, has gotten even more absurd over the last few days. The college has now been shut down for three straight school days after some sort of threat (that appears to be a hoax). Meanwhile the progressive professor at the heart of the surreal identity politics meltdown has revealed more details about what’s been going on behind the scenes at the liberal college.
And it’s disturbing.
In a lengthy interview (video below) partly transcribed by Hot Air’s John Sexton, Evergreen State College biology professor Bret Weinstein (who still has a job at the train wreck of a place, at least for now) sat down with Joe Rogan to explain the stunning sequence of events and internal politics of the eye-opening situation. After being unfairly labeled a "racist" and repeatedly harassed by both students and fellow faculty members — to the point where he was told it was not safe for him to appear on campus — Weinstein, a self-styled progressive, has ended up reaching many conservative conclusions about the Social Justice activist/fascist students and their enablers among university faculty and administration.
In the interview, Weinstein describes the disingenuous tactics employed by the Left in labeling people "racist," which he experienced firsthand (and which he was told he should not attempt to defend himself against), blasts the "filter bubble" of the increasingly radical and "out-of-touch" campus Leftists, and blasts the concept of imagined "microagressions." Below are some excerpts from Sexton’s transcript of the interview with Weinstein Friday.  
Weinstein on how the activists smeared him as a “racist”:
Weinstein: The people who have talked to me privately and expressed concerns are actually quite a diverse group, so it’s not as if white folks are disturbed by this and people of color are united. It’s not at all like that. Part of the hidden story here is that in order to advance certain policy proposals it has to appear that the community is united behind them and that anybody that stands against them is standing against them for illegitimate reasons. So that means that the number of people who are willing to express any sort of nuance about what’s taking place has to be small and they have to be dismissable. So what they did is they called me a racist. Which is ironic because I’m an anti-racist. I really have gone out of my way to, first of all, study the question of why racism occurs and I believe have been pretty courageous in fighting against it wherever I run into it. So to challenge me with that particular epithet was a mistake on their part.
Weinstein and Rogan on the radical Left’s twisting of the definition of “racism”:
Weinstein: This also actually points to something pretty important and for anybody who travels this ground themselves, they’re going to discover this. Many of the terms that are being used have been redefined, but they haven’t been fully redefined. So one of the things that I’ve seen in several places is that a term like racist has been redefined so that the bar for being a racist is so low that you couldn’t possibly help but trip over it. But then, once you’ve tripped over it and you have accepted that you are a racist, then the stigma goes back to the original definition. So it is the dodging and weaving between the two definitions that actually does the heavy lifting.
Rogan: Well there’s also a really disturbing idea that’s being bounced around lately that it’s impossible to be racist if you’re anything other than white, which is ridiculous.
Weinstein: Preposterous. Anybody who looks up the actual definition of racism will discover that that’s preposterous but yes that does pass in certain places as logical.
Weinstein on the “out-of-touch” Left’s descent “further into madness”:
Weinstein: I’m still on the email distribution lists, so I’m watching the traffic inside of my college and I’m able to compare it to the huge flood of stuff that I’m seeing from the outside world as they get wind of what’s going on at Evergreen. The difference is a million miles. Inside of Evergreen, actually, we are descending further into madness. The faculty are blaming the fact that the campus had to be suddenly closed due to a threat from the outside yesterday on me, for having talked about this in the outside world…The intensity and the out-of-touch nature of the discussion inside the college simply reinforces the impression that something is desperately off, that what we really have is a filter bubble that is so strong that even when the world sends very clear evidence that you’ve missed something somewhere and it’s time to rethink what you’ve been doing, they’re not waking up.
Weinstein describes an incredible moment in which the students successfully bully the college president to stop gesturing in a natural way because they deem it a "microaggression" of some sort. "Let’s just say the protesters had enough control over him that he gestured, they didn’t like it, they told him not to and he capitulated, which he has been doing the entire time," he says. Weinstein does a fine job of describing Ben Shapiro’s famous "punch back twice as hard" response to bullying, in this case bullying by the “cult-like” mob of students: 
Weinstein: It’s flat out bullying. And what I’m seeing is that almost nobody seems to know what to do about bullies, especially when they’re armed with the superweapon like the accusation that you’re a racist. Nobody understands that capitulating to bullies may solve your problem in the moment but it makes the problem vastly worse over time. And so, all I’ve done is apply that piece of knowledge, that when a bully challenges you not capitulating is just a prerequisite to getting anywhere. Ideally, you want the bully to pay enough of a price that they don’t continue what they’re doing.
And finally, here’s Weinstein describing the moment when he was actually told that he should not defend himself against unfounded accusations of racism:
Weinstein: There was an instance where a faculty member accused those who were challenging any of these equity proposals as being part of a racist backlash. She was clearly talking about me because I’m the most prominent person objecting.
Rogan: Is this faculty member a white person?
Weinstein: No. So anyway she says in a faculty meeting that this is a racist backlash and I said to her in front of this faculty meeting, I said, ‘Somebody might want to check on the question of whether or not I’m actually a racist because if you do check on it, you will discover I’m not and if you don’t this is going to blow up on you.’ And the chair of the faculty told me that the faculty meeting was not the place to defend myself against accusations of racism.
Rogan: It’s also not the place to level the accusation.
Weinstein: But I said to her ‘Where is the place?’ and then the faculty member who had made the accusations said ‘You should not expect there to be a venue in which to defend yourself. You should just get used to these accusations.’

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