Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Short GIFs Sum Up Life Perfectly (19 gifs)

When all the work you have to do starts piling up: 

Describing your workout routine: 

When you have to kill a bug:
When you check your notes after a final:
When someone won’t stop looking at their phone when you’re talking to them:
Those pants? With that shirt!?
Looking at the clock at work and seeing it’s barely moved since you last looked:
Going to kitchen for a seconds:
Going to college:
How you feel about the people you went to high school with:
When you accidentally read a spoiler for a show you like:
When you have the hiccups:
When someone asks you why you’re single:
Packing for a two-day vacation:
Listening to a sad song that has a nice beat:
Trying to do sports:
Playing video games while someone is watching:
Waiting for the photographer to take the photo:

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