Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Scientists Unveil the Healthiest Meal Ever

Looking for the most nutritious food out there? You're in luck, because scientists in England have determined the healthiest meal ever. As you might imagine, the menu consists of certain superfoods, or foods that have great nutritional value.

Scientists from Leatherhead Food Research examined more than 4,000 health claims used by supermarkets and food companies. They then narrowed the list down to just 222 foods, based on scientific fact. The menu spotlights, among others, cholesterol-balancing omega-3s (from fish and other good-for-you foods) and folates, which can be found in multigrain breads.

The healthiest meal ever includes salmon terrine, mixed-leaf salad with extra-virgin olive oil dressing, chicken casserole with lentils and mixed vegetables, and a high-fiber multigrain roll.

For dessert, the most nutritious option is yogurt-based blancmange topped with walnuts and a sugar-free caramel sauce. This dessert is good for your digestion, blood-glucose control, and teeth.

If you're into snacking throughout the day, two of the healthiest snacks are walnuts and sugar-free spearmint chewing gum with xylitol.

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