Saturday, 3 June 2017

NJ teacher arrested after allegedly using hidden camera to take pictures up female students’ skirts

A New Jersey high school teacher was arrested Wednesday for allegedly using a hidden camera to capture pictures and video underneath the skirts, dresses, and even loose fitting shorts of female students in the school hallways.
Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office alleged in a news release detailing the arrest that the teacher, 43-year-old Eric Howell, concealed a hidden camera in an empty coconut water box that he kept in a side pocket of his briefcase. While he walked through the hallways of Lenape High School in Medford, New Jersey, authorities said he would unscrew the cap of the water box, where the camera was located, and position his briefcase to scan underneath the skirt lines of female students.
Authorities said they began investigating the matter after an individual reported to school administrators that they saw Howell, a chemistry teacher employed by the school since 2016, extending his arm with his briefcase hanging at an odd position as he traveled down the school hallway.
“Howell’s behavior was brought to the attention of the school administration on May 2 by an individual who observed him passing behind a female student and extending his arm sideways in an attempt to position the camera under her skirt,” the news release read.
After school officials received the tip, they immediately banned Howell from school property. He was arrested Wednesday and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, official misconduct, and invasion of privacy. The charges filed against Howell represent offenses against three students.
“The investigation into Howell’s criminal activity is ongoing. A search warrant executed at his residence resulted in the seizure of multiple digital storage devices that are being analyzed by the Prosecutor’s Office High-Tech Crimes Unit,” the prosecutor’s office added.
Howell will await a possible indictment pending a grand jury investigation into the crimes.

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