Monday, 5 June 2017

MSNBC Anchor Asks What May Be The Dumbest Question About The London Attack

During the Saturday evening terror attack in London, MSNBC's Richard Lui posed a ridiculous question: "Is there any risk of overreaction?"

When you have analyzed these incidents post facto, as well as during, as you have so many times with me and others here on MSNBC and NBC News, what is the risk? There's certainly a risk of under-reaction, but is there any risk of overreaction, of deploying too much?
You know, as we've been watching all of this live coming into our satellite center here in New York City and then beaming it out from London, is there ever a point where you go, "Well, that's too much," or "You shouldn't be applying that amount of force there."

Three men allegedly wearing "stab-proof" fake suicide vests drove a large van at high speed into pedestrians on London Bridge, then proceeded to Borough Market, where they stabbed multiple individuals in the neck, face, head, and stomach. There are seven confirmed casualties, and approximately 48 injured.
Risk of overreaction? It's a good thing we got the dumbest question of the year out of the way. Now we can focus on what really matters.


  1. sure there is a risk of overreaction. almost immediately following this attack, authorities were calling for censorship of the internet. seems like a bit of an overreaction to me.

  2. Whether this event was a staged false flag attack or a real terrorist attack, you can rest assured the establishment is ready to overreact, if this can be assumed to mean loss of freedom or privacy or a way to influence political events like Brexit.