Friday, 9 June 2017

London: Man Preyed On Lone Women Riding Buses, Sexually Assaulted 5 Of Them. His Sentence Is INSANE.

On Tuesday, Muhammad Mohsan, 18, was arrested and jailed in London after preying on lone women riding public buses and sexually assaulting them. Convicted on nine counts of sexual assault, which involved five different women ranging in age from 15 to 55, Mohsan was sentenced to serve only 16 months behind bars. 
According to the Metropolitan Police, Mohsan attacked the five lone women between March 2015 and January of this year, at various locations throughout London.
"Mohsan is a predatory offender who has brazenly targeted lone women in public, counting on their isolation and vulnerability to avoid being detected," said investigation officer DC Simon Osborne. 
"He has shown little remorse for his actions or empathy for those he has assaulted. The lives of several of the women he attacked have been significantly impacted by his actions and the court has rightly taken this into consideration in determining his sentence," he said. 
Mohsan's first attack was carried out on a 55-year-old woman. Sitting next to the woman on a bus as she rode home from work, "Mohsan began rubbing his leg against hers and despite her trying to move away from him in her seat, he persisted and then sexually assaulted her." After the woman departed from the bus, the perpetrator followed her until she confronted him, when he fled the scene. 
Mohsan then preyed on a 16-year-old in December 2015: "He encouraged her to sit next to him and then proceeded to try to kiss her despite her resisting him. He then took her on a 205 bus to a secluded alley near a park where he sexually assaulted her, before taking her on another bus, the 274, and sexually assaulting her again. When they got off the bus, the victim lied about where she was going as she feared Mohsan was going to follow her. Mohsan was subsequently identified from his telephone number which he had given the girl and was arrested," reports Metro Police. 
His next victim was a 35-year-old woman: "He began rubbing her leg with his leg before putting his hand on her leg. When she got off the bus, he followed and tried to engage her in conversation, asking if he could come to her home to charge his phone and telling the victim he would pay her £10 if she came to the park with him."
A 20-year-old victim was also sexually assaulted by Mohsan on a bus; "He started rubbing her leg and thigh and then sexually assaulted her. The victim got off the bus and Mohsan followed her. The victim then went into a nearby shop and Mohsan stopped following her. ... He also used his clothing and a bag to hide his hands while he sexually assaulted the victim."
His last reported victim was a 15-year-old girl who was riding the 110 bus home after visiting a friend's house. After attempting to engage in conversation with the victim, which, due to her young age, was a violation per his assault charge from December, Mohsan followed the girl when she got off the bus. "Becoming fearful of his behaviour and that he might follow her home, the victim walked in the opposite direction but he followed her and grabbed her, pulling her into a nearby area screened from the road by a bush. He then sexually assaulted her before releasing her and the victim made her way home."
Mohsan was arrested on March 16 and charged the following day. 
"All of the women in this case have shown great bravery in coming forward and providing police with the necessary information for us to bring a prosecution and we thank them all for their support and assistance in our investigation," said Osborne. 
The officer then encouraged "anyone who is the subject of a similar attack" to come forward. Osborne added that this case should be an "indication of the seriousness with which the police treat such matters and hope that this will give them confidence that if they do choose to report something to the police, the matter will be investigated thoroughly and positive outcomes can be achieved."
The criminal who sought out lone women and sexually attacked them on at least nine different occasions is set to serve only 16 months behind bars.
The average sentence in the U.K. for rape is roughly eight years behind bars. It is unclear, though unlikely, if any of the acts of sexual assault perpetrated by Mohsan included rape, meaning penetration. 


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