Sunday, 18 June 2017

It was just too tempting…highway exit sign for ‘Crooked Hill’ gets 3-letter makeover (6 Pics)

Vandals paid dubious homage to local carpetbagger Hillary Clinton by changing the highway exit sign for Crooked Hill Road in Long Island to read: “Crooked Hillary.”
President Trump dubbed the two-time failed presidential candidate “Crooked Hillary” for her magical ability to escape prosecution despite her gross mishandling of top-secret government intel and her clever exploitation of the government to enrich herself and her family.
The Department of Transportation told Newsday it had removed the sign, saying: “Defacing public signs is illegal.”
President Trump slammed “Crooked Hillary” by asking why his campaign is being investigated for alleged collusion with Russia despite NO EVIDENCE while Clinton escaped scrutiny despite her shady uranium deals with the Russians.

Trump also pointed out that “Crooked H” had destroyed her government cell phones with a hammer and used BleachBit to delete 33,000 government emails in a bid to obstruct justice and escape criminal prosecution.
Meanwhile, Twitter found the “Crooked H” vandalism amusing.

Some said the so-called vandalism was actually a vast improvement.

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  1. The Hammond's and Bundy's are in jail because of the uranium deal.
    They should be freed.