Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Denied assistance at city hall, man takes gruesome revenge on unhelpful government employees

A Maine man released a cup of over 100 live bedbugs into Augusta City Center on Friday after being told he did not qualify for government assistance, causing the building to close for the rest of the day so exterminators could remove the pests.
The man went to the code enforcement office earlier that day to lodge a complaint about the bedbug infestation at his apartment complex. After showing his apartment complex manager the cup full of bed bugs and subsequently being told by the manager that he would have to vacate the apartment, he attempted to apply for government assistance at city hall.
City Manager William Bridgeo told WGME that the man brought the cup of bedbugs to the city center, and when he was denied government assistance to find a new residence, he became irate.

“He whipped out a cup, and slammed it on the counter, and bam, off they flew, maybe 100 of them,” Bridgeo told the Kennebec Journal.
Some of the bugs landed on an employee, while most began spreading out throughout the building. Government officials were forced to immediately close the building while they waited for an exterminator.
“It made sense at that point to close the building to make sure the public or employees don’t get exposed and take [bedbugs] home with them,” Bridgeo said. “They’re nasty little buggers when they take hold somewhere.”
The man was apprehended quickly by Augusta police, who would not release the man’s identity but said they were deciding what charges, if any, would be filed. Bridgeo said he signed a criminal complaint and trespass orders against the man and he was optimistic that the man would be charged.
Bedbugs have reportedly been an ongoing problem in the city of Augusta, even having been found in the General Assistance office last year. They feed on human blood, but can live from months to over a year without feeding. They are not known to carry any human diseases.

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  1. If only he'd been more discrete, way more damage could have been done. Our flat was infested for a while. (The hazards of letting a homeless person into your abode.) It was HELL! The LOVE me. So do skeeters, and other blood suckers. That's why I avoid politicians like the plague.