Monday, 1 May 2017

World needs to act against those who support, shelter and spread terrorism: PM Narendra Modi

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday reviewed the status of bilateral ties, including in key areas of security and trade, and discussed regional and international issues of mutual concern.
Ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the area of counter-terrorism and the regional security scenario were among key issues that were discussed during the meeting.
Addressing a joint press conference, PM Modi said, "We live in times where our societies face new threats and challenges every day. The context and contours of some of the exiting and emerging security challenges globally are our common concern. In particular, the constantly evolving threat from terrorism is our shared worry. I held an extensive conversion with the Turkish president on this subject. We agreed that no intent or goal or reason or rationale can validate terrorism."
PM also strongly pitched for the need to work as one to disrupt the terrorist networks and their financing and put a stop to cross-border movement of terrorists, in an obvious reference to Pakistan-based terror outfits.
"Nations of the world need to work as one to disrupt terrorist networks and their financing and put a stop cross-border movement of terrorists. They also need to stand and act against those who create, support, shelter and spread terrorism," he emphasised.
PM Modi further said, "Both of us recognize the need for the UNSC to reflect the world of the 21st century and not of the century gone by. People of India and Turkey have nurtured deep and historical links, ties of culture and language connect our societies since millennia."
"President and I are clear that strengths of our economies present an enormous opportunity to expand and deepen our commercial linkages. We need to approach the entire landscape of business opportunities in a strategic and long-term manner. 
On his part, Turkish President Erdogan said that his country will always be with India in its battle against terrorism.
"Terrorist will be drowned in the blood they shed," he said.
Turkish President arrived in India yesterday.
Today he was accorded ceremonial welcome at the forecourt of the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Erdogan also visited the Raj Ghat to pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi.
This is Erdogan's first foreign visit after winning a controversial referendum on April 16 that further consolidated his executive powers.


  1. World needs to act against those who support, shelter and spread terrorism: PM Narendra Modi

    Yeah like those who steal the people's money. 50% of those Indians who had their money stolen by Modi had NO bank accounts.

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