Saturday, 20 May 2017

Liberal Woman Claims Assault After Being Triggered by Confederate Flag Rug

We’ve seen many a lot of liberal meltdowns and triggerings from all manner of allegedly offensive things.
But this incident from last Wednesday at a store in Portland, Oregon is definitely a classic.
The phrase “liberal snowflake” has been overused lately — but sometimes it’s the only term that applies. It is difficult to think of a more fitting way to describe one woman in Oregon who filmed herself having an emotional meltdown after encountering a rug on display in a store.
A woman named Heather Franklin noticed that the store had several rugs patterned after the Confederate flag.
Instead of simply taking her business elsewhere or calmly voicing her concerns, Franklin decided to confront employees inside the shop.
Franklin flipped out and told the employees that having Confederate flag rugs hung up was like having a swastika on the wall.

One employee disputed that characterization of the flag and suggested she learn some history.
Another employee asked her if she had supported Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. He said, “Which one did you vote for that lost?”
He then called her a ‘b–ch’ as she continued to hyperventilate about the rug.

Now, there is no doubt they could have been more amenable and not called her a name.
But typical liberal, it disturbed her so much, no matter what anyone else thought, so it needed to be taken away.
But once she got out into the parking lot, she really seemed to fall apart. She complained about the employees approaching her, when they were nowhere near her.
Then she start wailing and crying that the employees had assaulted her, when of course that had not occurred, as her own video revealed.
A woman came to Franklin’s aid as she continued to cry and say they assaulted her.
What happened as a result?
The CEO removed the products and disciplined the employees.
“We receive thousands of different products,” stated Toolson. “On that load were a few of these rugs with symbol of (the) Confederate flag. We’ve contacted the rug supplier and said please don’t send us those.”
The CEO also explained that he was not happy with how the employees handled the incident, and that they had been placed on leave.
What’s actually troubling is that this woman has charge of children.
When people talk about liberalism being a disease, maybe it is, for this woman…


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  2. Dam good thong this was not my store ,I would have put twice as many and gave the guys a raise.