Monday, 22 May 2017

Health benefits of garlic: 10 proven benefits of eating garlic

Your grandmother must have given you hundreds of lectures on the benefits of garlic and how important it is to eat it every day. Guess what? She is right! Garlic not only makes your pizzas and pasta delicious but is also one of the miracle spices. Garlic contains allicin, which gives it the pungent smell and is a therapeutic agent. This pungent, flavorful spice is used as home remedies to fight many medical conditions. It has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties and is rich in manganese, potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin C. Here are some health benefits of garlic. 

1. Fights cold and flu

Garlic is one of the best home remedies to treat cold and flu. Just have garlic tea or have two to three raw garlic cloves to get relief from the cold. You can also add this flavorful spice in your soup to make it tastier and healthier.

2. Cures hypertension

Garlic contains allicin, a therapeutic compound, which relaxes your blood vessels, thus curing hypertension. It also helps treat thrombosis, which is a condition in which blood clots form in the blood vessel, by lowering the aggregation of platelets. 

3. Boosts immune system

Garlic and honey
Garlic not only clears your cold but also improves your immune system. All you need is a couple of garlic cloves. You can either swallow it or dip it in honey to improve the taste.

4. Lowers cholesterol levels

Garlic was found to decrease the level of LDL or the bad cholesterol by around 10 percent in people with high cholesterol level.  

5. Prevents heart diseases

By lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood, garlic also lowers the risk of heart diseases. The miracle spice regulates the sugar levels in the blood and the blood pressure. It is important to eat garlic semi cooked or raw as the medicinal properties of allicin present in the garlic is lost when it is cooked.

6. Good for your eyes

Rich in vitamin C, quercetin, manganese and selenium, garlic is beneficial for your eyes. It helps treat eye swelling and infections.

7. Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants present in garlic fights the free radicals and protect the body from the oxidative damage. It may also lower the risk of age-related disease like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Helps prevent cancer

According to several studies, consumption of garlic can prevent colorectal and stomach cancer. It also boosts the immune system of the body to fight cancer .

9. Clears intestinal problems

Garlic is an excellent home remedy for many intestinal problems like diarrhea, dysentery and colitis. It is also an effective treatment for worms. It will dispel the harmful bacteria in your gut without affecting the beneficial bacteria.

10. Cures asthma

You can actually bring asthma attacks under control with garlic. All you have to do is consume three cloves of garlic with a glass of milk every night before going to bed to keep asthma at bay.

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