Monday, 15 May 2017

ABC Facing Boycott After Canceling Conservative Leaning ‘Last Man Standing’ Despite High Ratings

Tim Allen’s show ‘Last Man Standing’ was one of the more popular shows on ABC and it was definitely a favorite among conservatives.
It’s not hard to figure out why. It was one of the few shows on television unafraid to question liberal ideology.
Here’s an example.

For some strange reason, ABC canceled the show despite high ratings.

A lot of conservatives out there have a pretty good idea why the show got axed and it looks like there is a boycott brewing.
Petitions and boycotts against ABC are building after the network unexpectedly canceled its hit “Last Man Standing,” a move critics believe was prompted by star Tim Allen’s outspoken conservative politics and support for President Trump.

“‘Last Man Standing’ is one of the only shows on broadcast television, and the only sitcom, that is not constantly shoving liberal ideals down the throats of the viewers. And sadly, that is likely the real reason the show has been cancelled,” said a new petition on which collected nearly 10,000 signatures overnight.
“With a plethora of ultra-liberal shows available on television, this show stood out from the rest and motivated conservatives who voted for President Trump. Please demand that Congress investigate whether LMS was cancelled for political reasons,” said another on
ABC can do whatever they want. They can create and cancel any show they want.
However, the viewers have some power here too.  Television is all about ratings. ‘Last Man Standing’ was getting them. So, if you are going to cancel a show that a lot of people like you have to also be prepared for the possibility that there will be some upset viewers.
It’s pretty much impossible to argue that this wasn’t a political move.
ESPN, part of the same company, is having problems with liberal politics too.
Just stop playing politics. It’s not rocket science. 


  1. Ed Asner had his highly successful show "Lou Grant" cancelled because of his liberal political beliefs and I'm sure you Nazi conservatives cheered that move. So let's stop with that hypocrisy. And ABC is a private corporation that can make whatever moves it wants to within legal boundaries. You conservatives favor that ideology until it bites you in the ass, then suddenly you pretend to be against it. ABC was in a position where people would stop watching their other shows if they didn't dump cokehead ex-felon Trump supporter Tim Allen. It was a good business decision and Trump supporters generally don't have enough disposable income for the networks or advertisers to care what they watch or what they think.

    1. Ed Asner? Seriously? What, 1974 or so?

  2. Tim Allen, my family loves the show "Last Man Standing" and hope you continue on basic cable, Please.
    It's easy to see how you came up for the name. You are the last man on tv that stands for the values that got Trump elected.
    I'll bet the Libs hate that and couldn't wait to end it.
    Bless you and the from the Heartland!