Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sen. Elizabeth Warren accidentally BUSTS Dem narrative on charter schools

Sen. Elizabeth Warren offered her congratulations today to the 2017 National Teacher of the Year, but there’s a catch…

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is so giddy that this year’s National Teacher of the Year hails from her home state of Massachusetts.

“No surprise here that MA has the best teacher in the US,” she tweeted. “Congrats to 2017 National Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee from Codman Academy!”
One problem. The good lady senator left out something very important. Codman Academy is a charter school. And Democrats like Sen. Warren hate charter schools.
She voted against the expansion of charter schools in a 2016 election, explaining her opposition to Boston Magazine:
I will be voting no on Question 2. Many charter schools in Massachusetts are producing extraordinary results for our students, and we should celebrate the hard work of those teachers and spread what’s working to other schools.
But after hearing more from both sides, I am very concerned about what this specific proposal means for hundreds of thousands of children across our Commonwealth, especially those living in districts with tight budgets where every dime matters. Education is about creating opportunity for all our children, not about leaving many behind.
Charter Schools Are GOOD For Children. Of course, what Warren and her fellow Democrats won’t tell you is that in Massachusetts, charter schools are doing exceedingly well. In supporting expanding charter schools in the state, the Brookings Institution wrote: “This research shows that charter schools in the urban areas of Massachusetts have large, positive effects on educational outcomes. The effects are particularly large for disadvantaged students, English learners, special education students, and children who enter charters with low test scores.”
Of course, Twitter was quick to note the problem.

 And what has the Massachusetts Teachers Union said about Chaffee’s win? Nothing. Not one peep.

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