Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Liberals Are HATING What Millennials Just Said About Trump In New Poll…

If it were up to millennials, Donald Trump would not be president today.
According to final polling, Clinton crushed Trump among millennials – 55% to 37%.
So any positives regarding Trump and his policies in a poll of millennials is sure to stand out.
One such positive is how millennials feel about Trump’s stance on trade issues.

As the Washington Examiner reports:
Three-in-five young Americans support Trump’s stance on trade issues and agree that he should “crack down on countries that engage in illegal or unfair trade practices that hurt American workers.” Just 13 percent oppose this position. Coincidentally, Trump announced a new wave of reciprocal taxes on Canadian lumber yesterday at a meeting with conservative journalists.
Interestingly Donald Trump’s trade policies are very similar to that of Socialist Bernie Sanders, who earned more votes from millennials during the Democratic primaries than Trump and Clinton earned in the presidential election combined.
The Washington Examiner continues:
The other major element of Trump’s agenda millennials support is his stance on police, despite the perception that millennials are protestors and think the police are racists. About 48 percent of millennials say they support Trump’s efforts to “end the ‘anti-police’ atmosphere in America and empower law enforcement,” while just 24 percent oppose.
Trump won the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police in September of 2016 for his “commitment to America’s law enforcement,” according to the union’s president.

All is not well for Trump among young voters, however.
Of those polled, 33 percent of young Americans support repealing and replacing Obamacare, while 45 percent oppose that position. About 28 percent support the temporary ban on six countries in the Middle East, while 48 percent oppose. About 23 percent support the building the border wall, while 50 percent oppose.
Trump, despite his poor showing among millennials in the 2016 presidential election, actually may owe his presidency to the fact that he didn’t do as poorly as expected.
Can trade move more young voters to Trump? Maybe. However, this could explain why Trump overperformed the 2016 polls with millennials. Red Alert Politics’ average of millennial polls projected Trump to win 25 percent of the millennial vote last November. Instead, he won 37 percent of voters under age 30 — resulting in an additional 2+ million more votes nationwide
However, Trump had the advantage of running against Hillary Clinton then, a candidate who was remarkably unpopular among millennials – at least compared to Obama, who won 66% of that vote in 2008 and 67% on 2012.
Trump might have that advantage again should the Democrats nominate Elizabeth Warren.
But if Trump were to face almost anyone else in 2020, perhaps Cory Booker or Kirsten Gillibrand or Andrew Cuomo, unless Trump can shore up his support among millennials, it could spell trouble for his campaign.

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