Saturday, 1 April 2017

Do you suffer from fatigue, gas, bloating, headaches, and joint pain? You have a high toxic load. DO THIS!

Toxic Load can be defined as the accumulative amount of toxic chemicals affecting your body at a given time.  Some refer to it as “Body Burden“.   The source of these toxic chemicals that build up in our bodies are both internal and external (some toxins in our body are byproducts of natural chemical reactions and thus are unavoidable, while other toxins are man made and can be reduced but unfortunately very hard to completely eliminate in the modern world) the end result of toxic load on our body is both internal and external as well.  Toxins affect our skin, hair, organs which in turn affect our energy levels, aging and overall health.  As mentioned before, toxic load is a result of both natural reactions and man made chemicals.  While we can a should reduce our exposure to man made chemicals (contained in cleaning, cosmetic, clothing, processed and non-organic foods etc.) we cannot in reality completely expect these to be eliminated from our modern lives in totality.  So, given the reality of that, what can we do to reduce toxic damage (Toxic Load) once we already consumed the toxin?
What are the signs of Toxic Load:  As Toxins build up in our bodies we feel fatigue, gas, bloating, headaches and joint pain.  The inflammation is due to impaired liver function as the levels of toxins in our body exceed what our liver can handle.  This leads to the fluid retention and bloating.  In fact, if you are overweight, you are by definition Toxic.  As many toxins such as pesticides and plastics are stored in fat tissue.  If you are trying to loose weight, detoxing is essential as these toxins are released into your body.  Failure to detox, will impede your weight loss progress.
How to Reduce Toxic Load: 
    • Enzymes:  Enzymes help to induce biochemical reactions like metabolism and detoxification. Fresh vegetables are a great source of these enzymes, however, when overcooked these enzymes are destroyed (especially when cooked in the microwave).
    • Probiotics:  Our gut contains trillions of bacteria, these are called microflora.  Microflora assists with digestion, helps breakdown nutrients and assists in the immune system.  Maintaining essential bacteria in your gut through regular consumption of organic sources such as organic yogurt, kefir or fermented foods for example. 
  • Take your shoes off:  Many don’t realize how many toxins we track into our homes via the bottom of our shoes.  As we walk across the street, for example, our shoes pick up all the rubber residue from tires, oil that drops from cars, petroleum in asphalt and tar, pesticides and fertilizers from the ground, etc.
  • Spices: Research suggests that rhizome plants, such as turmeric and ginger are especially efficacious at reducing toxins in the body.
  • Essential Oils:  Incorporating essential oils into your life cannot only offer a easy and affordable way to include a variety of very therapeutic compounds into your diet, they can also reduce the amount of toxic ingredients in your household by using essential oils for daily household duties such as laundry, cleaning and hygiene instead of conventional man made products.

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